Ready for some weekend link-love? From eco-friendly fitness gear to what Americans should actually be afraid of, we’ve found our favorite links from around the Web.

5 Links We Love This Week

As your relatable fitness, health, and happiness guide, we’re striving to bring our readers awesome content on a daily basis. And every weekend, we want to share the love with others who are writing some kick-ass content in the wellness world:

Fitness:  Eco-Friendly Fitness Products — FitSugar

With Earth Day a week away, we should suit up in gear that will make Mother Nature proud.

Health: Drunk Dudes Are Smarter Than Sober Dudes — Jezebel

Wait, really? The next time your man is slacking in the smart department, try giving him a beer.

Happiness: 10 Websites to Organize Your Life — Vogue

Spring-cleaning doesn’t just mean dusting off those cabinets. Reorganize your closet, wallet, and fitness routine with these helpful websites.

Blog Spotlight: How Physical Fitness Aids the Well Being of the Cancer Patient — Vitogo

The important of fitness is taken up another notch. Read how exercise can help remove toxins and boost energy in cancer patients.

Grab Bag:  What Americans Fear vs. What Americans SHOULD Fear [Infographic] — Matador Life

Should we fear a shark attack or a heart attack? Find out which things are fear are actually legit.

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