It’s tough to balance working out with the realities of motherhood, especially if you have little kids who haven’t learned the meaning of “alone time” yet. But it’s not impossible, and yogi Charity LeBlanc proves it. She includes her 5 and 2-year-old in her daily yoga routine, turning her body into a jungle gym as she goes through her vinyasa:

LeBlanc started doing yoga to get back in shape after she gave birth to her first child, Oakley. She says her kids loved watching her yoga practice as infants, and once they were old enough to do the basics, she let them join in.

Yoga has done more than keep her kids busy. “My son is learning to trust me, and my daughter is developing great motor skills and muscle control for her age,” LeBlanc told BuzzFeed. “They’re learning how to be strong and healthy while having fun.”

Check out more photos and videos of the trio’s yoga practice below: