Welcome to GreatistYou, a new social experiment where we see what happens when five people decide to change their health—and broadcast their journeys for everyone to see. Four goals, five contestants, and six weeks to crush said goals for the promise of a better life (oh, and $1,000!).

Our contestants proved that weekends are just a few extra days to pursue greatness. Let’s start with Darby and Adrienne (@greatistdanda), who used their time off to participate in a Komen Race for the Cure in Prospect Park on Saturday. As if that wasn’t enough, they went back to the park the next day to train for their upcoming 10K.

After giving it their all, the Brooklynites took a much-deserved break on the roof where they took this amazing panoramic pic of their view.


  • Brandon (@greatistbrandon) is super excited to do some shopping at Sprouts Farmers Market with the gift card we sent him. (Pro tip: You’ll get perks too if you participate in the next season of GreatistYou.) Judging by the caption on his scale pic, Brandon seems happy with his weight! What a great feeling!
  • Jasmine (@greatistjasmine) is aiming to stick as closely as she can to Whole30 during her cruise. This will be no easy feat, but she’s got this. You’re a pro, Jasmine—just say no to the dessert bar.
  • Regina (@greatistregina) posted some intense videos this weekend that prove how hard Muay Thai training can be. That’s painful just to lookat.
  • Jessi (@greatistmentor) gave us the skinny on protein shakes and how to make them taste delicious. Watch her full video here.