Plenty of people wear glasses *sometimes* because their doctor said they could use some “vision correction” or whatever. But the people who actually can’t see without them usually find their way to contact lenses pretty quickly—because you can’t lose your glasses if they’re literally stuck to your eyeballs, amirite??

Unfortunately, wearing contact lenses comes with a bounty of issues that NO ONE ELSE UNDERSTANDS. Don’t worry, we get you. Any of these sound familiar?

1. You either have to take them out or chuck ’em every. single. night.

That means no impromptu sleepovers (unless wherever you end up has saline solution and a spare contact case in the medicine cabinet—and no, a sliced-in-half beer pong ball DOESN’T COUNT).

2. They cost a sh*t ton, even with insurance.

Less money for the vacation fund. Sad face.

3. You’re inevitably going to forget you’re running low on contacts and one day wake up to find you’re all out and have to wear the glasses you hate for five days until more arrive.

Try doing a HIIT class in glasses—it’s dizzying.

4. You’re *constantly* on the phone.

Either with your eye doctor’s office or with the insurance company or with your mom, because she still knows your exact prescription even when you can’t remember which eye is -4.25 and which is -3.75 (left is -4.25!!).

5. But “on the phone” really means “on hold.”

S​o don’t forget all the hours of your life spent listening to fuzzy elevator music while you wait for some angry receptionist to pick up the damn phone.

6. You can’t open your eyes underwater.

OK, not that big of a deal (unless you’re a regular underwater tea-partier), but still unfair.

7. Don’t even get me started on what happens when your prescription changes.

Basically the sky falls and you have to prove to everyone you actually need a different strength of lenses and aren’t just changing your own prescription for fun. (Because people do that? We guess??)

8. They rip.

They rip for no reason at all, and there’s nothing you can do about it. One minute you can see just fine and the next minute you’re nonstop winking because it feels like a sandstorm just blew into your eye. All because a chunk of lens decided to float off and “focus on its music” or something.

If you’ve ever experienced any or all of these issues, please know that there is *finally* a solution (no pun intended!) to your problems. It’s called Hubble. It’s an online subscription service that delivers 30 days of daily wear contact lenses to your door every month without you having to remember to order them.

Hubble also contacts (no pun intended—again) your eye doctor to verify your prescription for you and doesn’t require any insurance. No, your contact lens didn’t just rip and make everything blurry. You read that right. Hubble is an insurance-free operation (although you can use your vision insurance to get reimbursed for the cost). Just pay $33 per month and wait for the lenses to magically arrive on your doorstep every 30 days until you decide to modify or cancel your subscription—which you do online and requires zero minutes of waiting on hold.

If it sounds too good to be true, don’t take my word for it: Your first two weeks of Hubble lenses are free. Get ’em and see for yourself.

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