Dad can only acquire so many socks, ties, and underpants. So this year, treat your papa (or husband, or son) with gifts that will cater to his grilling prowess, daily gym sessions, or appreciation for a little manly pampering. We’ve helped you shop for Mom, now we’ve got gift ideas to celebrate Father’s Day in a fit, healthy, and happy way (though we can’t promise this is a sock-free list).

For the Foodie Father

1. Meat Monogrammer
In the spirit of man’s inherent yearning to mark their territory at all times, we love the idea of this grilling personalization tool. We think this tool will make Pops extra proud of those steaks and burgers… branded with his very own initials. $69.95 for one custom branding tool and cutting board

2. Injectable Marinade Grilling Kit
Slathering the surface of grilling grub with marinade is so last year. Bring dad to the 21st century with this easy-to-use marinade injector. The set also includes three jarred marinades, two cans of dry seasoning, and a bottle of red pepper sauce. Not only will Dad’s grilling goods look nice with a fancy monogrammer (see above), it’ll taste good, too. $24.99

3. Beer Making Kit
Dads and beer go together like golf balls and golf clubs (…and dads and golf). Get creative and give Dad DIY hops with a beer making kit. Peruse Brooklyn Brewshop’s online shop for fun flavors — such as chocolate maple porter and grapefruit honey ale — if your pops is a little more adventurous with his beer preferences.$40 per kit; $90 for the Quarterly Brew Club

4. Homemade Gin Kit
If beer isn’t your dad’s drink of choice, he may be a fan of this super easy to make gin kit (no bathtub necessary). It’s affordable, and takes all of 36 hours to whip up. $39.95 per set; botanical spice refills available for $10

5. Whiskey Stones
To chill whiskey without diluting it, try these fancy whiskey stones. Milled at the oldest soapstone workshop in the US, these beverage chillers mean business. Plus they look super duper manly. $20

6. Homemade Steak Rub
Great gifts don’t always have to break the bank. Make dad a gift he’s sure to love — DIY steak rub. It’s easy to make last minute and it’s budget-friendly. Make a set of steak rubs and place them in small mason jars for a nice buttoned-up present. Less than $10 if you go with bulk spices and a small, inexpensive jar

7. Coffee of the Month Club
Start Dad’s morning off right with fair-trade, sustainable Citizen Bean coffee. Feel good about spending a little extra money on this gift — a portion of each month’s sales gets donated to charity. $79.99 for a three-month subscription

For the Tech-Savvy Daddy

8. Fitbit Flex
If your dad’s a busy guy, help him keep track of his fitness. This tracker allows users to check out stats in real-time — calories, distance, and steps taken — with Bluetooth 4.0 (syncing occurs automatically anytime Flex is within about 20 feet of a computer or Bluetooth Device). $99.95

9. Cord organizer
Make sure Dad stays tangle-free with the Cordito — a simple way to wrap up earbuds, USB cables, and plugs. This gift is genius. Nothing like a burrito for Dad’s chargers! $39.99

10. iPhone Armband
The LifeProof case, made for iPhones, is comfortable for all sorts of sweaty workouts. Built to withstand seawater, dirt, snow, and high vibration environments, this band is suitable for all situations from lawn mowing to snow shoveling. $49.99

11. Shock-Resistant Watch
The Timex Ironman Shock-Resistant 30-Lap is perfect for dudes who want a solid watch with a few fancy features (and without a super hefty price tag). For dads who like to run, this watch has lap and split recalls, plus it’s made with durability in mind. $60.00

12. Yurbud Earbuds
For hitting the gym or the pavement, Yurbud’s Inspire Duro earbuds are tangle-free and super durable. The cords are tear-resistant and they are sweat and water-resistant. Better yet, these little guys come with a lifetime warranty. $49.99

For the Outdoorsman

13. Plantable Comic Books
Make planting herbs and flowers more manly with these plantable comic books. While the comic books simply contain instructions and no real storyline, Dad can get his flower power on with style. Starting at $9.50

14. Sunscreen
Grab Dad a body mist sunscreen so he has no excuse not to stay protected when mowing the lawn, swinging some clubs, or just enjoying a few brews outside. Of course there’s a range of SPF protection and a million different types of sunscreens on the market, but here’s a good place to start. Starting at $4.99

15. Sun-protective Clothing
When sunscreen just won’t do it, protective clothing can help shield Dad from Mr. Sunshine, too. This shirt blocks 98 percent of harmful UV rays. Made up of sweat-wicking fibers and breathable fabric, Dad can stay cool, dry, and protected while hanging on the golf course or bball court. $29.99 for the Short-Sleeve Fitness Shirt; other styles available starting at $19.99

16. Personalized Golf Balls
While this gift is a little kitschy and totally goofy, Dad will be happily surprised to receive golf balls with personalized messages on them. Add up to three lines of text — “You go, Dad!” or “Make that birdie!” — to add some motivation to your old man’s game. Starting at $12.95

17. The Total Outdoorsman Manual
Your padre may think he knows how to start a fire and tie a perfect rope knot, but he could probably use a few tips from this go-to manual.It’s full of practical techniques and instructions on how to camp anywhere, fish better, and survive a stare down with an angry bear. These are important life skills, and your dad will love you forever for them. $18.37

18. Odor-Blocking Socks
Come on, this Father’s Day list wouldn’t be complete without at least one pair of socks! These ignite crew socks are made for sporty dads with moisture wicking material, odor-technology (thank goodness), and arch support. $12.00 per pair

For the Gym Rats

19. Foam Roller Bundle
Help Dad ease aches and pains with this awesome SMRT-CORE grid foam roller and instructional DVD. Dad will learn the go-to moves (and stay safe) with a little coaching from the level-one DVD. $49.99 for the foam roller and DVD

20. Personal Training Sessions
Not all dads are up on the latest fitness trends. Give pops the gift of health with a few personal training sessions. After training with a professional for just a few hour-long sessions, Dad can use his newly found gym knowledge to stay fit on his own. Prices vary based on gym and location.

21. Sweat-Wicking Towel
Help Dad stay dry at the gym with the Nano Silver towel, which promises to eliminate odor-causing bacteria. Made out of soft and super absorbent bamboo, the towel also utilizes nanosilver particles, a natural antimicrobial agent (sure to keep Dad from being the stinky dude at the gym). $20.50 per towel

22. Yoga Mat
Yoga isn’t just for the ladies. Grab Dad the Manduka eKO Lite Mat made from natural tree rubber so dad can learn to do down-dog and be eco-friendly. It’s thin enough to travel with and has a closed cell surface, which means sweat won’t seep into the mat. $40.00

23. Kettlebell
Dumbbells are so 1999. Grab Dad a cast iron kettlebell to swing around in the comfort of his own living room (carefully and controlled, of course). The small but mighty fitness tool is great for cardio, strength, and flexibility training. $30 and up, depending on weight

For the Pampered Papa

24. “Help, I Have Problems” Kit
Dads are great about fixing other people’s problems (a Band-Aid here, a little peroxide there… you know the drill). Time to pay it forward with the Help kit — six mini tins with remedies for sleep, blisters, aches, headaches, sleepiness, or nausea. Dad will be happy to stash the kit in his glove compartment and always have it on hand. $30.00

25. Manly Candles
While it’s probably not likely Dad will draw a bath and line the tub with lavender aromatherapy candles, it doesn’t mean he won’t enjoy up to 45 hours of manly fragrance. Yankee Candle’s line of man candles — from “Mmm, Bacon!” to “Riding Mower” — allow Dad to kick his feet up and relax a little. $27.99 for the 3-pack set

26. Birchbox for Men
Birchbox takes the guesswork out of gift giving. Each gift box (one per month for three months) is stuffed with lifestyle and grooming products from shave balms to sunglasses (Dad’s going to be so stylish!). $60.00 for a 3-month subscription

27. Shaving Kit
Straight from the Grooming Lounge comes the Money Shaver gift set, which includes Beard Destroyer Shave Cream, Best for Last Aftershave, and the RazorPit blade sharpener. $54.00, razor not included

28. Memory Foam Pillow
Help the old man get a great night’s sleep with a cushy memory foam pillow. Unlike conventional foam pillows, this guy has a zippered cover plus it’s made from a material that’s resistant to sweat (keeping it cleaner and safer). $50.00

29. Hottie Massage Bar
This budget-friendly little gift helps rub out Dad’s sore muscles. Made from jojoboa oil as well as shea and cocoa butters and with a sweet, comforting vanilla scent, this gift is both relaxing and moisturizing. Most importantly, this bar is called “Hottie” and we can’t help but think that’s hilarious. $9.95

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