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Gargle Whiskey for a Sore Throat (and Other Tips)

Love whiskey, but tired of sipping it straight up (or sipping it at all)? No fear — we’ve uncovered other surprising ways to keep that bottle from collecting dust in the liquor cabinet.
Gargle Whiskey for a Sore Throat (and Other Tips)

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While it probably won’t cure a toothache like the old wives’ tale says, whiskey could help soothe the throat. Add a spoonful to warm water and gargle; the mixture will help numb the throat. Including a teaspoon of honey can also help coat the throat and soothe irritation. If that’s not doing the trick, throw a shot or two in the blender and make a cherry whiskey smoothie for something easy (and tasty) to take down.

Bourbon whiskey also adds a robust flavor to baked goods and will give a kick of earthiness to help cut out some sweetness. Try a shot in cookie, cake, or muffin batter. This liquor can also form the flavor base for glazes and baking sauces that go especially well with ginger and fruit-flavored sweets. All it takes is cream, milk, sugar, cornstarch, and, duh, bourbon.

And if going in for a goodnight kiss (but out of mints), swishing a small amount of whiskey may help kill odor-causing bacteria in the mouth. Designated driver? No dilemma: Dilute some bourbon in water or a favorite aftershave and simply splash, enjoying that wooden scent all night long.


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