Disclaimer: This article, along with all others posted on April 1st, is meant to poke fun at articles you might read elsewhere (or at least close to them). Greatist doesn’t actually recommend any of the tips included. Read more about our reasoning behind this little practical joke here. Happy April Fools’ Day!

Eating well and exercise aren’t the only components to a healthy lifestyleAssociations between physical activity and other health behaviors in a representative sample of US adolescents. Pate, R.R, Heath, G.W., Dowda, M., et al. Department of Exercise Science, School of Public Health, University of South Carolina, Columbia SC. The American Journal of Public Health, 1996 November; 86(11): 1577–1581.. Getting enough sleep is also important to feelin’ good while maintaining a healthy weight. Problem is, getting the recommended seven to nine hours of snooze time can be tricky. Up to 40 percent of Americans experience insomnia, making it a real hassle to hit the hay. Many Americans also experience arthritis, back and neck pain, which can spoil a solid night’s rest.

Luckily, there’s an easy way to fall asleep anywhere and anytime: getting wasted. Studies suggest getting drunk increases our ability to pass out, so the next time you’re crunched for snooze time, just hit the bottleSleep following alcohol intoxication in healthy, young adults: effects of sex and family history of alcoholism. Arnedt, J.T., Rohsenow, D.J., Almeid, A.B., et al. Sleep and Chronophysiology Laboratory, Department of Psychiatry, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI. Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research, 2011 May;35(5):870-8. Booze can also help us catch a quick cat nap: Just chug some tequila in the office bathroom and take a snooze in the stalls before a meeting. Using alcohol to fall asleep is also a great chance to practice “sleep-yoga,” since you’re guaranteed to pass out in some interesting positions.

Health experts recommend only one or two drinks a day, but getting enough sleep is definitely more important than sticking to the booze rules. Just have at some of these healthier drink options (or all of them), and you’ll sleep like a baby.