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The days are getting colder and shorter. It’s easy to fall into a fitness rut — even when an energizing sweat sesh may help lift your spirits!

Music is a workout game-changer. That’s why we’ve created a fall fitness playlist to help you end the year on a high note. From recent hits to timeless classics, these tunes have the motivational lyrics and catchy beats to put you in a winning frame of mind.

This bouncy tune is the perfect workout kickoff when you need an upbeat vibe for your independent self. Dua Lipa’s empowering message was made for getting down at the gym.

There’s a reason “Uptown Funk” is a fan fave at road race starting lines and along running courses. This upbeat jam will help you pick up the pace on the treadmill or the trail.

Lizzo’s chart-topping, confidence-boosting jam will leave you feeling ready to conquer the day after you’ve crushed your latest cardio session.

Though the title perfectly sums up our buddy-less pandemic workouts, this song’s vibe is anything but sad. The catchy beat is perfect for anything from an ab circuit to a dance session.

If hearing this song on the radio made you wanna get up and dance all summer long, you know it belongs in your workout routine! Turn it up during a full-body cardio dance session.

There’s no such thing as too much empowerment when it comes to workout jams. The Charlie’s Angels theme might’ve just turned 20, but it’s as relevant as ever.

This song is such a workout classic (thanks, Rocky Balboa!). You won’t regret turning it on the moment your kicks hit the treadmill.

Ah, take us back to the 2020 Super Bowl — one of the last massive gatherings before things shut down. No matter your dance skills, this song will have you feelin’ like Shakira.

This catchy pop jam from Australian artist Tones & I is just perfect for a dance or full-body workout.

Rihanna’s 2007 hit is inching into throwback territory, but there’s a reason you still hear it at the gym. It’s literally telling you not to stop — perfect for a heart-pumping HIIT session.

Taylor Swift songs could easily make up a whole workout playlist their own. Whether you’re after a great cool-down theme or just need to de-stress from 2020 things, this is the perfect tune to get stuck in your head.

Ed Sheeran has more than slow love ballads up his sleeve! This bubbly beat will lift your spirits while out on a run or sweating through a strength workout.

Whether you’re doing an easy run or yoga session, this slower-paced hit from Post Malone will help you stay zen.

When you’re working your way through a tempo run or pushing yourself in the last mile, Imagine Dragons’ motivational lyrics will remind you that you’ve got what it takes to hit your racing goals.

Millennials love this grade school classic. Why not bust out the ’90s playlists for your next Zumba session?

There’s really no better time than a sweat sesh for busting out your late-’90s boy band favorites. This Backstreet Boys hit was made for fast-paced runs or cardio dance workouts.

Did you have to fight the urge to bust a move whenever you heard this song on the radio this summer? This Weeknd hit reminds us of dance workouts under black lights.

We’re saying goodbye to beach weather for now, but Katy Perry’s catchy lyrics will inspire you to push through toward next year’s waterfront hangouts.

Justin Bieber never disappoints when it comes to fast-paced jams. In fact, attempting to mirror the moves in the video is a solid workout in itself.

Up for an early-morning workout? Beyonce’s powerful lyrics will remind you that you’re ready to crush whatever the day throws at you.

As the song title suggests, J.Lo and Pitbull’s 2011 hit exists to get you out on the dance floor. You won’t want to leave it out of your cardio session.

Pitbull’s upbeat jam is the perfect addition to a Zumba class or marathon training session. Pump up the motivation!

This track by Dua Lipa offers up ’80s Jazzercise vibes. It also adds the fun back into even the most challenging workout.

This hit is chock-full of Latin vibes. It’s almost a crime to exclude it from your next at-home Zumba playlist.

Struggling with morning workout motivation? Blast this Kelly Clarkson classic and remind yourself that yes, you *can* do hard things!