For those who can’t get enough burpees and box jumps IRL, CrossFit has just entered the telehealth arena with its own healthcare service.

So does this mean seeing docs who can destroy WODs? Kind of. CrossFit Precision Care is basically a virtual primary care service created by CrossFit, telemedicine provider Wild Health, and Dr. Julie Foucher (a family medicine doc and former CrossFit Games competitor).

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Photography by CrossFit

Many CrossFit devotees are obsessed with becoming a fine-tuned, high-performance human machine (aka human optimization), and CrossFit Precision Care plans to help folks use data-driven health stats to do just that.

The gist? With the help of a health coach and CrossFit-trained doctors, you’ll come up with a plan to optimize your workouts, diet, supplements, and even sleep to help you be your best swole self. These CrossFit health gurus will let you know what advanced lab work to get to pinpoint where you’re at, and you’ll track it all via an online dashboard. Expect to get a lot of blood work 🩸 .

It’s no secret that CrossFit that gets some flak for its hardcore, obsessive nature — sometimes pushing folks beyond their physical limits and leading to injury. But for some peeps, this no-tap-out mindset offers its own health benefits and motivation to improve overall fitness.

So does this credo translate to telehealth? There are def some pros and cons to Dr. CrossFit.

The telemedicine model itself is convenient as heck, but because it’s virtual, you should probably keep your current doc on tap in case you need to physically see someone for injuries or illness. Plus, CrossFit Precision Care isn’t covered by insurance, so you’ll be paying out of pocket. The good news: You can use a health savings account.

The CrossFit Precision Care dashboard can track everything from weight loss to calories, so it might be TMI for the more intuitive health seekers. But for fans of total human optimization, this could be a one-stop shop to set and track all health goals.

If you’re ready to go all in on CrossFit, you can sign up for the CrossFit Precision Care waitlist at But don’t expect to start right away. Right now the service is in the testing phase in eight states, with more to come in 2022 when it’s launched to the public.