No matter how long a person’s been going to the gym, there’s always more to be learned. From new equipment to gym etiquette to tips for properly moving and caring for your body, Greatist’s got you covered. We’ve found 16 more ways to get more out of the gym for newbies and veterans alike.

1. Work with a personal trainer.

Find someone who will bend over backwards to help you leap to new heights. Studies suggest people who work with trainers are more likely to stick to an exercise routine than people who work out on their own.

2. Work out with a partner.

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Hitting the gym with a buddy can increase accountability and keep spirits high.

3. Stay hydrated during workouts.

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It’s worth the effort to stave off a sticky mouth, headache, and fatigue.

4. Avoid the crowds.

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Go during the off hours to prevent pile-ups at the weights or cardio machines.

5. Take a class.

Don’t be a wallflower. Join a class to have fun, meet people, and shake up your normal gym routine.

6. Avoid distractions.

Stay focused to get the most out of a workout.

7. Try new activities.

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Even if your body isn’t built for a particular sport, your muscles can still benefit from adding new activities to your routine.

8. Don’t be scared of free weights.

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Dumbbells and barbells can offer a great full-body workout, even in a small space.

9. Share the equipment.

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There’s no need to squabble. Let someone else work in and crank out some supersets while waiting your turn.

10. Up the resistance.

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Regularly increase load in order to maintain strong muscles and lower the risk of osteoporosisThe+effects+of+progressive+resistance+training+on+bone+density:+a+review.+Layne,+JE,+Nelson,+ME.+Nutrition,+Exercise+Physiology+and+Sarcopenia+Laboratory,+Jean+Mayer+USDA+Human+Nutrition+Research+Center+on+Aging,+Tufts+University,+Massachusetts.+Medicine+and+Science+in+Sports+and+Exercise,+1999+Jan;31(1):25-30.

11. Go, even if you’re tired.

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We know; you’ve had a long day. But working out might actually cure the sleepiness that’s dragging you down.

12. Fuel up afterwards.

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Reach for a high-protein snack to speed recovery post-workout.

13. Get proper rest between workouts.

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Make sure to give those muscles adequate recovery time before heading back to the weight bench.

14. Do some stretches.

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Even if you’re not the most flexible dog in the room, your body can still benefit from stretching pre- and post-workout.

15. Don’t forget to wash up.

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Good hygiene post-gym visit helps prevent the spread of germs. Bonus points if you can find someone to help you.

16. Surprise yourself!

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You might be capable of things you never imagined.