With a lone Madagascar Vanilla Bean leftover from a Kahluah project awhile back, I decided to experiment with my first Vodka infusion. The result was a scented and fragrant Vodka that is perfect alone on the rocks or served neat.

  • Yield: One liter of Infused Vodka
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Total: Two weeks
  • Active: 10 minutes.

Ingredients (2)

  • One Liter sized bottle of Vodka. Smirnoff or the kind from Trader Joe’s work best.
  • One full length Vanilla Bean.


  1. Slice the Vanilla Bean lengthwise so that its insides are visible, and drop both parts in to the Vodka bottle.
  2. Let the Vodka mature for at least 10 days and up to 15 depending on your preference.
  3. Remove the Vanilla Bean from the Vodka once its done infusing. Or you can keep it in and track the increase in intensity of flavor, over time.
  4. When serving, its best to let breathe for a few minutes before the first sip to let the taste fully open up.