Thanksgiving is over. You’ve got a fridge full of leftovers and ZERO appetite for Turkey Day food. What do you do next?

A. Toss it. Forget that whole “low waste” New Year’s resolution!

B. Ignore it until it grows legs and crawls out of your fridge, The Grudge-style.

C. Repurpose the leftovers into something tasty, thereby saving money, reducing food waste, and being a generally awesome human.

Clearly, we hope you pick C.

Here are some of the best Thanksgiving leftover recipes to kick-start your post-holiday cookery.

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1. Leftover turkey fajitas

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Photo courtesy of Macheesmo

Get far away from heavy Thanksgiving flavors and freshen things up with fajitas made from leftover turkey.

Don’t forget the margs to celebrate the end of another drama-free Thanksgiving with your folks (or to unwind after a not-so-successful gathering).

2. Thanksgiving breakfast frittata

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Photo courtesy of The Foodie Dietician

Black Friday brekkie? Covered. This cheesy, perfectly fluffy frittata is made with leftover Thanksgiving veggies and seasoned with sage. It’ll fuel you for a long morning of shopping — even if it’s at home, in your jammies, on your laptop (our preferred Black Friday approach).

3. Leftover turkey and wheat berry salad with cranberry vinaigrette

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Photo courtesy of Fannetastic Food

Wheat berries (disclaimer: not actually berries) add a chewy texture and nutty taste to grain salads. When they’re paired with leftover turkey and a vinaigrette made from leftover cranberry sauce, they make an elegant lunch whether eaten warm or cold.

4. Leftover stuffin’ muffins

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Photo courtesy of Budget Bytes

Stuffing is such a Thanksgiving classic. If you’re not sick of the flavor yet, mellow it out with leftover turkey, spinach, and eggs in these hearty breakfast muffins.

5. Homemade ham and cheese mushroom pockets

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Photo courtesy of Snacking in Sneakers

Turkey is great and all, but maybe you’re part of a Thanksgiving ham fam? Here’s a delicious way to use up leftover ham and sink your teeth into a flaky homemade crust with melted cheese.

6. Chinese turkey lettuce wraps

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Photo courtesy of Zestful Kitchen

These bold, tangy Asian flavors are a real palette-cleanser if you’re experiencing Thanksgiving food overload. You’d never know they’re made with leftover turkey.

7. Turkey sliders

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Photo courtesy of Hurrah to Health

This easy-peasy recipe transforms leftover turkey into a veggie-filled, Italian-style deli slider — complete with homemade roasted garlic aioli. YUM!

8. Thanksgiving breakfast hash

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Photo courtesy of Abbey’s Kitchen

Got leftover turkey and veggies? Fry ’em up with eggs for this super-simple hash (it’s way healthier than hitting up your local diner too)!

9. The best turkey green chili

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Photo courtesy of The Foodie Kitchen

White chicken chili is a favorite, but we gotta say that it’s just as good made with leftover turkey. Bonus points for repurposing something that’s already cooked. This one is perfect for a chili (or, chilly) winter night.

10. 3-ingredient stuffing waffles

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Photo courtesy of RD4Health

In the immortal words of Donkey, “I’m making waffles!’’ These stuffing waffles also have excellent turkey sandwich potential — especially if you’ve got leftover gravy or cranberry sauce.

11. Leftover cranberry sauce overnight oats

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Photo courtesy of Alena Menko

These bright and beautiful overnight oats come together in a snap. They’re perfect for Black Friday morning! Tangy, sweet, and they’re filled with healthy protein and fiber to keep you full.

12. Slow cooker ham and bean soup

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Photo courtesy of Cooking Classy

You might be a bit burnt out on cooking in the days after Thanksgiving. This warm, filling, set-it-and-forget-it soup made with leftover ham puts supper on the table with minimal prep time.

13. Leftover turkey curry

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Photo courtesy of Dairy Free for Baby

Is there anything better than Thanksgiving leftovers that don’t taste like Thanksgiving leftovers? This dairy-free curry utilizes leftover turkey and piles on the veggies. Healthy, delicious, and waaay better than take-out.

14. Slow cooker turkey stock

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Photo courtesy of The Magical Slow Cooker

While not a recipe in itself, this is a great way to use up your leftover turkey carcass. After several hours in the slow cooker, those bones melt into a flavorful, nutrition-packed turkey stock that’ll super-charge your favorite winter soup recipes.

15. Leftover mashed potato pancakes

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Photo courtesy of Fannetastic Food

Leftover mashed potatoes can be transformed into perfect savory potato pancakes — crispy on the outside, cloud-like on the inside. Serve ’em up with other Thanksgiving leftovers like turkey and gravy or totally remix them with whatever you’ve got on hand.