Who doesn’t love coating a pita chip with a glob of hummus at snack time? Yeah, thought so. But what do you do when you reach for the container to find there’s only a tablespoon or two left? Before a single tear runs down your cheek, think of it this way: You’re on your way to the start of a great recipe. From salad dressing to pasta sauce, these are the best ways to use the last remains of hummus. (TBH, these recipes are so good you may want to stock up on the spread anyway just to make them all.)

Not in the mood to read a recipe? Smear that extra hummus on a burger or sandwich (extra points for grilled cheese), or use it as “sauce” for a flatbread pizza with veggies and feta.

1. Hummus Dressing

What’s the secret ingredient behind this thick, creamy dressing? Hummus, of course. Blend the dip with dill (for freshness) and a glug of zingy lemon juice, then pour it over salads and roasted veggies alike.

2. Hummus-Crusted Chicken

Smear the dip over a chicken breast for dinner tonight and you’ll wonder why you ever used a flour-and-egg mixture. Garlicky hummus creates a thin crust on the meat, and when spooned over a baking dish of veggies, pools into a light sauce after its trip in the oven.

3. Greek Tot-Nachos

Reimagine nachos with gobs of hummus instead of salsa and swap in tater tots for chips. This cozy skillet is perfect for winter eating sports season.

4. Hummus Pasta Sauce

We’d really like hummus pasta sauce to be the *next big thing.* The velvety sauce coats each noodle (or zoodle) strand just as well as alfredo sauce—only this creamy blend won’t make you too full for seconds. And isn’t that really what it’s all about?

5. Vegan Queso Hummus

OK, so you need 10 ounces of hummus for this recipe, but we couldn’t help ourselves: It’s vegan queso, y’all. If you need us, we’ll be spooning this over chips, pretending we’re 13 again at the movie theater.

6. Hummus Chicken Salad

Ditch the mayo and spoon extra hummus into your chicken salad mixture. Not only does it add tons of flavor, the fat from chickpeas is much better for you than that white stuff.

7. Mediterranean Lentil Dip

“Two pulses are better than one” is what this chickpea and lentil dip would say if it could talk. Super filling and way more exciting than boring ol’ bean dip, this hearty spread deserves to be smeared on thick slices of bread instead of wimpy crackers.