Whole pig roasts are not the only delicious meal you can cook in your new La Caja China style La Caja Asadora pig roaster ! Use your Roasting Box for other amazing dishes, such as this recipe for Stuffed Pork Shoulder: Stuffed Pork Shoulder 18 lb. pork shoulder 8 slices bacon 1/2 lb. ham 1 bottle Malta 1 cup guava shells 1 cup Mojo 1 cup prunes 4 tablespoons Adobo 2 cups brown sugar 2 tablespoons salt Remove the bone and flatten meat so that it can be rolled. If the pork shoulder is very fatty, a small amount may be removed. Score fat well and marinate for minimum 12 hours in Mojo Criollo and Adobo. Line meat with ham slices, bacon slices, guava shells, and prunes. Roll meat carefully to keep the filling inside the roll.

  • Yields: 4 people
  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Total: 13 hours
  • Active: 1 hour

Ingredients (1)

  • 18 lb Stuffed Pork Shoulder


  1. Tie firmly with a butcher chord. Cover with brown sugar and 1/2 bottle of Malta.