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Who doesn’t love soup? Anyone???

As its own unique (unofficial) food group, soup offers an endlessly versatile, comforting, creamy, customize-it-your-way bite of goodness in every spoonful. And naturally, we all have our favorites. For you astrology buffs and horoscope lovers out there, we chose the best soup picks for every sign of the zodiac. Grab a hunk of crusty sourdough and dive in!

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Design by Mekhi Baldwin

Soup selection: Chili

Like a bowl of chili, Aries is bold, spicy, and always ready for the game. The main ingredients for chili — beans and lean beef or turkey — are filled with protein, iron, tons of fiber, plus the metabolism-boosting properties of chili peppers — all of which will fuel this adrenaline-pumped zodiac sign to host March Madness and spring forward their action-packed agendas.

Soup selection: Minestrone

Taurus loves it lush! They’re driven by beauty and pleasures of life experience through the five senses. A hearty minestrone nourishes the soulful Taurus with its bold Italian combo of pasta, rustic tomato broth, beans, and early spring veggies.

Soup selection: Split pea

There are nearly as many split pea soup variations as there are regional cuisines. It shape-shifts as it travels — just as a Gemini would. This is one adaptable soup that can be easily changed up to converse with local cultures and ingredients as it delivers indigenous flavor with a healthy dose of pea protein and fiber. Sample versions inspired by the cuisines of India, Trinidad, France, Germany, and more.

Soup selection: Cioppino

The crab, the symbol of summer solstice, the ocean ruler and all its bounty, is best enjoyed in cioppino or another fisherman’s stew. Once you earn your way through a tough exterior, it will spoil you with the scrumptious sweetness inside that many crabs are known for. Extra special if you have the privilege to relish the dish by the water where it’s caught.

Soup selection: Gazpacho

Generous like the Sun, Leo energy ripens things to culminations — both energetically and physically. So, naturally, gazpacho comes to mind as the ideal soup soulmate. This tangy, crunchy crescendo of summer is the essence of Leo Shakespearean theater — plump tomatoes, peppers, and even watermelon are perfect ingredients for chilled gazpacho to cool off from August heat (and Leo’s knack for summer melodrama).

Soup selection: Pho

For the often high-strung Virgo, soup can be a lifeline. Climbing to the top cure-all remedy soup is the Vietnamese pho. With its spot-on and pragmatic mixture of bone broth, herbs, and collagen-rich protein, this concoction can help to calm the nervous system and support the tricky digestive system in a single, slurp-worthy bowl.

Soup selection: Miso soup

Miso is a versatile, fermented ingredient that helps maintain nutritional balance that Libras often strive for. Miso in soup, alongside tofu and seaweed, delivers probiotics that are not only good for hair, skin, and your other beauty bits, but also delivers umami flavor — an equilibrium of saltiness, sweetness, and earthiness to satisfy the Libra’s opulent palate.

Soup selection: Pumpkin spice soup

Most Scorpios are proud they got a claim to Halloween, a time when they can indulge in pumpkin anything — lattes, muffins, candles, or decor for their Halloween-themed life. The key to making the ultimate fall pumpkin soup is tons of warming spices like ginger, cloves, cinnamon, and nutmeg — all items that hard-shelled Scorpio vixens most likely already have in their cabinets.

Soup selection: Gumbo

Wanderlust and a love of adventure are signature Sagittarius traits. This sign’s modus operandi is to create an amalgamation of every cultural influence they’ve experienced. Similarly, gumbo is a melting pot of African, French, Caribbean, Spanish, and early American cultures with origins in creole New Orleans. Delicious, memorable, and rich to the max, gumbo never disappoints.

Soup selection: Borscht

With their long-proven history and tradition, beets are something a Capricorn can trust. After all, the winter superfood has been a staple in the coldest part of the planet earth. Borscht is a hardworking beetroot-based soup high in valuable vitamins and micronutrients that guarantee to nourish your blood, keeping you safe and warm from the inside out — no matter what chilly threats winter serves up.

Soup selection: Hot pot

Midnight hot pot and fireworks is a tribe-bonding tradition in the East to greet Lunar New Year with like-minded friends and family, which always happens during the Aquarius season. What’s really fun about hot pot is the originality that comes from group collaboration. As each participant contributes ingredients into the shared boiling pot, you will never have the same soup twice!

Soup selection: Mushroom soup

From mystical fungi to truffles, mushrooms are a food rich with healing properties, which the whimsical empath Pisces needs on the regular. A brothy mushroom concoction nurtures and supports Pisces’ trademark artistic endeavors.And if you haven’t explored the fantastical mushroom varieties beyond the cremini, it’s time to get acquainted with properties and flavors of morels, chanterelles, cordyceps, and many more.

Soup is so simple and endlessly variable that it’s easy to find just the right one to suit all tastes, nutritional needs, seasons — and yes, even sun signs. No time to cook up a pot of homemade? No problem…just pop open a can of your favorite store-bought soup and add veggies, fresh herbs, chopped chicken, or shredded cheese to dress it up. The possibilities are truly endless, so whether you’re born under Cancer or Capricorn, make it yours!