All veggies should be part of a healthy diet, but if you’re vegan or just trying to cut back on meat, it’s time to pay special attention to mushrooms (no, not those kinds).Their hearty bite and texture make them perfect meat substitutes for plant-based diets, whether you’re using them for burgers or spaghetti sauce.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to settle for portobello every time: There are so many varieties to try that give you that sought-after umami flavor all while being a solid source of plant-based vitamin D. What’s not to love?

These 21 mushroom recipes give you plenty of ways to feast on the edible fungi; from appetizers to main courses, there’s always room for more mushrooms in your meals.

1. King Oyster Mushroom Scallops With Mint-Pea Puree

Sliced thick to look exactly like the classic seafood appetizer, these oyster mushroom bites could fool just about anyone. Their meaty texture offers the ideal contrast against the fresh, three-ingredient minty pea topping.

2. Vegan Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms

Even vegetarian stuffed mushrooms so often involve cheese, but these vegan bites are totally dairy-free, with a pecan, ginger, and veggie filling that’s the perfect balance of rich and light. They don’t even need bread crumbs on top, so they’re easily gluten-free too.

3. Mushroom Walnut Lentil Pâté

Even meat eaters might shudder at the thought of a traditional pâté made with liver, so this mushroom-based version works for everyone. Brown sugar, miso paste, sage, and fresh thyme add tons of depth to the spread, while walnuts and lentils provide a richness alongside the meaty shiitakes.

4. Mushroom Ceviche

Who says ceviche can only be made with raw fish? This vegan take does require some stove work for cooking the oyster mushrooms, but once you toss them with jalapeño, cucumber, avocado, and onion, it won’t taste any different from the marinated seafood appetizer.

5. Portobello Mushroom Bruschetta

For a lower carb alternative to bruschetta, spoon your tomato and basil mixture into portobello caps instead of onto bread slices. The “cups” are adorable and are a perfect light starter to a heavier main course.

6. Mushroom and Roasted Garlic Hummus

Whether you’re looking for a healthy snack or a party appetizer, hummus is never a bad idea. Next time you make it, use this recipe, which jazzes up the chickpea pureé with some roasted mushrooms for a lot of extra savory flavor.

7. Garlic Mushroom Kabobs

No grill? No problem! These kabobs are actually made in the oven, so you can whip ’em up any time of year. Another bonus? The marinating process only takes 15 minutes, so they can even come together as a last-minute appetizer.

8. Quinoa and Shiitake Mushroom Salad

Mushrooms don’t need to be the main star of a dish to stand out. Here, they show off their earthy flavor to an ensemble cast of ingredients. From the tiny grains of quinoa to the juicy cherry tomatoes and the fresh and crunchy corn, this salad is a total party of textures.

9. Silky Cream of Mushroom Soup

Yup, you can totally have a soup that’s silky and vegan at the same time. How does it get its creamy texture? Potatoes and sunflower seeds are added to the mushroom broth, then the whole thing is pureéd until it reaches that glossy consistency.

10. Warm Balsamic Mushroom Salad With Pine Nut Parmesan

Warm toppings go a long way toward making salads feel more like a main meal than a side—in this case, it’s a simple sauté of mushrooms and navy beans on a bed of arugula. And don’t worry, making the pine nut Parmesan isn’t nearly as complicated as you might imagine (all you need is a food processor).

11. Creamy Coconut and Mushroom Quinoa Soup

For a soup that can double as a full meal, try this soup-er (we had to) satisfying recipe. With healthy fats from the coconut milk, protein-packed quinoa, and a variety of mushroom types, it’s got a ton of flavor but is easy to make—no blending necessary.

12. Roasted Mushroom and Romaine Salad

Chopped, toasted pecans and crushed rosemary join baby bella mushrooms to make this warm salad totally cold weather-worthy. With a simple, herb-kissed dressing, it’s the perfect addition to a fall or winter menu.

13. Mushroom, Lemon, and Lentil Salad

Mushrooms and lentils pair up for a powerhouse plant-based salad that doesn’t skimp on protein, fiber, or—thanks to plenty of lemon and garlic—flavor. The veggie and legume mixture can also be eaten hot or cold, making this a solid meal-prep option.

14. Mushroom Salad With Spinach and Flaxseeds

In the time it would take you to assemble a regular cold salad, you can make one that’s semi-cooked to give you a little more comfort in your meal. Mushrooms are cooked on a skillet with garlic and scallions, then tumbled onto a pile of spinach and sprinkled with fiber-filled flaxseeds and drizzled with a tangy Dijon vinaigrette. It’s surprisingly simple and perfectly light but satisfying.

15. Maple Dijon Portobello Burgers

While you’ve probably seen a portobello burger as the vegan option in every bistro you’ve ever been to, this particular recipe stands out for needing only four basic ingredients. Also, instead of being carelessly slapped on a bun, these mushroom caps are generously brushed with a sweet, tangy, and quite frankly, very addictive maple syrup and Dijon mustard sauce before being baked or grilled.

16. Vegan Oyster Mushroom and Artichoke Crab Cakes

It may look fancy, but this creative vegan spin on crab cakes and remoulade is a surprisingly simple 30-minute meal. Chickpea flour holds the baked artichoke and oyster mushroom patties together, while the mayo-free, sesame seed-based sauce takes no time to whip up in a blender. Make this when you want to seriously impress your fellow diners.

17. 5-Ingredient Easy Mushroom Tacos

We probably had you at “tacos,” but the fact that these take all of five minutes to put together may make them your new go-to recipe for Mexican night. It’s all thanks to the mushrooms, which are known to cook quickly and need nothing more than a bit of garlic and onion to become the perfect tortilla filling.

18. Vegetarian Summer Wild Mushroom Paella With Chanterelles and Black Trumpets

For a show-stopping vegan entrée, this meat and seafood-free paella is an absolute winner thanks to the addition of gorgeous, golden chanterelles and black trumpet mushrooms. It takes a bit of time to let the saffron, white wine, thyme, and garlic flavors soak into the dish, but one bite of the end result, and you’ll be so glad you put in the effort.

19. Groovy Mushroom Toast

Mushrooms on toast is one of those easy meals you can throw together on a busy evening, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be special. This recipe goes for an upgrade by using more exotic oyster and shiitake ‘shrooms instead of the standard button variety. Fresh herbs and a spread of hummus kick up the complexity of the flavors too.

20. Vegan Mushroom Stroganoff

We will always be thankful to ingredients like plant-based milk, nutritional yeast, and—duh—mushrooms, for allowing us to enjoy meatless and dairy-free versions of dishes like this. Cooked into a creamy, rich sauce to ladle over pasta, this stroganoff proves that going vegan doesn’t have to mean compromising on foods we love.

21. Vegan Sticky Apricot Mushrooms

Pick naturally sweetened apricot preserves to keep this dish lower in sugar. You’ll still get their fruity flavor, which, along with some fresh orange juice, is crucial for giving this recipe its sweet flavor. With soy sauce for a savory balance and chili flakes for a spicy kick, you’ve never had mushrooms quite like this.