Canned beans are tasty and chockful of nutrients — on top of being fantastically convenient.

Since they’re cooked and ready to go, canned beans can be added to many recipes for a boost of protein and savory flavor. Here are some simple tips that will help any bean beginner get started.

Some beans are canned in a saucy seasoning that adds flavor to your cooking. When that’s the case, your prep only involves two simple steps: open those beans and add them to your recipe!

Some unseasoned beans are packed in the liquid that was used to cook them. Draining this liquid can help improve the texture and flavor of the beans — and lower their salt and starch content.

For unseasoned canned beans, follow these quick simple prep steps:

  1. Open ‘em
  2. Drain ‘em
  3. Rinse ‘em

Now, you just need to have your recipe in hand and start cooking!