I developed this recipe for a tropical graduation party two summers ago, abd it was a real hit. Grilled salmon paired with baby banana’s sweet spicy orange glaze rides well with a well chilled Pino Gritio.

  • Yield: 4
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Total: 30 minutes
  • Active: 30 minutes

Ingredients (10)

  • 4 ea. 6 oz. Wild Salmon Steaks, skin on
  • 4 ea. Ripe Baby Bananas, peeled and halved longways
  • 3/4 cup Orange Marmalade
  • 3/4 Chipotle Pepper in Adobo, seeded and chopped
  • 1 tsp Chipotle Pepper Adobo Sauce
  • Juice of 1/4 fresh lime
  • Canola Cooking Spray
  • Dry Mojo Seasoning
  • Five Spice Powder
  • Fresh Lime Wedges


  1. Cold Prep Use plump Salmon fillet steaks and not tail or body steaks, checking for removing pin bones. Apply cooking spray to steak flesh and season with liberal amount of dry mojo. Season baby bananas with five spice powder. Mix marmalade, chipotle pepper, adobo and lime juice until uniform.
  1. Hot Prep Prepare gas grill for med. high heat or charcoal grill for direct heat. In either case clean and oil grates well. If using charcoal, soak a cup your favorite wood chips and scatter on coals before grilling salmon.
  2. Fire! Grill banana slices both sides on hot grill 2-3 minutes per side and remove to warm plate. Grill salmon, flesh side down, and cover, creating grill marks 4-5 minutes and turn skin side down. Continue cooking until internal temp reaches 120F. Place bananas, interlocking opposite curves along salmon steak and spoon glaze over bananas and salmon until the glaze just begins to run off the salmon. Cover grill and continue cooking until fish is firm and internal temp reaches 145F.
  3. Serve… Scatter some glaze about serving plate, place steaks in spoke fashion and lime wedges in between. Enjoy…