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Knock, knock. Who’s there? Your morning coffee.

These days, subscription services cover everything from Whole30 meal kits to treats for Fido. Is it any wonder that some of the best coffee companies offer door-to-door service too?

No matter how you like your morning cup of joe, these 7 coffee subscription boxes will help ensure your home java supply is always fully stocked.

7 best coffee subscription boxes for 2022

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How in the name of java did we narrow down dozens of coffee subscriptions to this list of top picks? By using the following criteria:

  • Coffee quality. If you’re gonna throw down money for a coffee subscription box, you should get freshly roasted, high quality beans.
  • Range of roasts. Some folks love a delicate blonde roast. Others live for complex, smoky dark roasts. We aimed for a variety of coffee subscriptions that offered stellar coffee to match your sipping habits.
  • Range of sources. Half the fun of coffee tastings is learning about where your coffee comes from. These beans originate from coffee growers all around the world.
  • Range of frequency. While our price guide (see below) is based on a monthly subscription, we know that’s not the best option for everyone. If you prefer weekly coffee drops, there are options for you.
  • Price. Coffee subscriptions save you time, but what about money? We aimed to hit a variety of price points that focused on value for your dollars.

Price guide

All prices are for a bag of beans (usually 12 ounces) delivered monthly (or every 4 weeks).

  • $ = under $15
  • $$ = $16–20
  • $$$ = over $21
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Best for serious coffee connoisseurs

Moustache Coffee Club

  • Price: $$$

This company’s expertly sourced single-origin coffee beans are shipped to you on the same day they’re roasted. It doesn’t get fresher than that, does it? Aside from its roast date, each bag of beans comes with a “Start Drinking On” date to avoid premature sipping (the horror!).

This coffee club offers weekly, twice-monthly, or monthly deliveries of either 6 or 12 ounces of beans.

Reviewers have a whole lot of good things to say about Moustache Coffee’s tasting notes (“zippy,” “wine-y,” “strawberry!”). So if you’re a total expert on how to sip and pinpoint a brew’s flavor profile, this one’s for you.

Best for tons of options

Blue Bottle Coffee

  • Price: $$

The beauty of Blue Bottle’s subscription is that you can customize exactly what type of coffee you want and how often you want it (anywhere from once per week to once a month). You can select, say, two bags of the fruity Three Africa blend; an assortment of espressos; a selection of single-origin coffees from Latin America, East Africa, or the Pacific Islands; or even (gasp!) decaf.

The San Francisco-based company ships within 48 hours of shipping, so while it’s not *quite* as fresh as Moustache Coffee, it’s still hot off the roaster.

The Blue Bottle Coffee website doesn’t list feedback from subscription reviewers, but folks on Google and Yelp sure do love the brand’s upscale, minimalist vibe at its cafes!

Best for personalized recommendations


  • Price: $

Coffee curators are actually a thing — a good thing. If you’re thinking of giving a coffee subscription as a gift, MistoBox allows your lucky recipient to customize which types of coffee they get based on roast level and type (full bean or ground, single origin, etc.), instead of making you choose in advance. The company’s coffee curators will then make sure they get exactly what they’d like from MistoBox’s 40+ roasters around the country.

Reviewers love how their beans are chosen for them based on their preferences. No hemming and hawing over whether to try Guatemalan or Kenyan dark roast this month!

Best for adventurous sippers

Angels’ Cup

  • Price: $

Sommeliers are familiar with blind wine tastings. With Angels’ Cup, you can become your own coffee sommelier: You’re able to sample up to 208 single-origin coffees in a year, each shipped with only a number on the bag (no other identifying characteristics, such as the roaster, are included). After your blind tastings, you can order more of what you liked.

Though there are no coffee subscription reviews on the Angels’ Cup website, coffee sites and forums tend to give this fun coffee adventure two thumbs up. 👍👍

Best for photographers

Tandem’s Double Exposure Film & Coffee Subscription

Price: $$$

Portland, ME-based Tandem’s Double Exposure subscription isn’t just for your taste buds — your eyes get in on the fun too. The monthly box includes an 8-ounce bag of freshly roasted whole-bean coffee + a roll of 35 mm film + a photo ‘zine curated by photographer James Joiner. Not bad!

There aren’t any reviews for this particular coffee subscription, but reviewers praise Tandem Coffee Roasters for their well-balanced coffee and espresso.

Best classic coffee subscription

Intelligentsia Coffee Subscription

  • Price: $$

Chicago-based Intelligentsia is just as serious about its tea as it is coffee: Its line of Kiligram teas is also carefully sourced and produced artisanally. This coffee subscription offers coffee grounds in a variety of coarseness levels: French press, percolator, Turkish grind, and more.

Subscribers can also choose between Intelligentsia’s “Choice,” “Blends & Espressos,” or “Classics” coffee curation. This is a great choice for coffee lovers who want to leave it up to the experts to decide the exact source and roast of their morning cuppa. Bonus: These beans are roasted to order, so you know they’re fresh!

There are no reviews for the coffee subscription on Intelligentsia’s website, but the brand is a well-known purveyor of direct trade coffees.

Best for world travelers

Atlas Coffee Club

  • Price: $

With Atlas Coffee Club, you’ll learn about the countries that create your morning cup of joe. Each coffee subscription box includes a bag ‘o beans from a single origin, a postcard from the country of origin, and tasting notes and brewing tips.

Reviewers say they love following the tips and taste-testing their way around the globe. Atlas Coffee Club is a fun, immersive way to hone your tasting chops while picking up fun facts for your next trivia night.

Coffee subscription boxes a convenient, fun way to switch up your morning cup of java. Whether you prefer light-, medium-, or dark-roast coffee, there’s an option for you.

Subscribers of several brands also say their coffee box helps them learn how to properly taste and brew their bean juice — skills that will last even if the subscription ends.