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Good news: Coffee gets a thumbs-up on Whole30!

Bad news: Milk, cream, creamer, and sugar are on the Whole30’s “absolutely not, under any circumstances” list.

Before resigning yourself to a bitter month of a black brew that tastes like sadness, check out these recipes. Enter the wonderful world of naturally sweet ingredients, nondairy fats, and health-boosting additions.

Yes, you can enjoy a tasty, creamy, naturally sweet caffeine fix while sticking to the program’s rules.

1. Almond-coconut creamer

This creamer will store in your fridge for a week. The consistency’s like heavy cream. We admit we’ve used it in more than coffee. A drizzle or two over a bowl of fresh fruit… yum.

2. 2-ingredient creamer

Nothing’s simpler than mixing ghee and coconut butter, (other than buying them, and that’s just a click away.)

3. Coconut creamer

This blogger has created a slightly (naturally) sweet creamer with some body, which will store in the fridge. The secret ingredient to the silky texture? Gelatin.

4. Store-bought creamers

We love it when bloggers take on the challenge of tasting a whole bunch of products. From nut pods to collagen creamers, this blogger did the legwork. Thanks, buddy!

5. Vanilla almond latte

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Photo: Sun Kissed Kitchen

This paleo, vegan latte rocks it hot or over ice. A frothy almond creamer, made from scratch in a high-speed blender, is naturally sweetened with dates.

To keep it Whole30-friendly, you’ve gotta go with a vanilla bean rather than extract.

6. Mocha latte

An espresso shot meets cocoa powder, coconut milk, and collagen creamer. A mug of this will warm your bones on a blustery day.

7. Blender cashew latte

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Photo: Amazing Paleo

Not a fan of coconut milk? No problem. Blended cashews make a decadent milk substitute for lattes. We love the touch of sea salt. Just be sure to replace the honey with a Whole30-approved sweetener like dates.

8. Snickerdoodle latte

Cinnamon and cardamom spice up this caffeine kick, which is mellowed by rich cashew butter, and boosted with collagen peptides.

9. Paleo cinnamon turmeric coffee

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Photo: Paleo Flourish

Turmeric and black pepper aren’t usually ingredients you’d find in a cup of joe, but it turns out, the pepper helps your body absorb the curcumin’s antioxidants more effectively. Hewlings SJ, et al. (2017). Curcumin: A review of its effects on human health. DOI: 10.3390/foods6100092.

Use them both in this coconut oil-spiked coffee, where they’ll add a light kick.

10. Copycat Starbucks gingerbread latte

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Photo: The Big Man’s World

One caveat before you make this on Whole30: Omit the sweetener. Once that’s out of the way, the other ingredients can take the spotlight and you can truly enjoy the warmth of the ginger, nutmeg, and cinnamon.

Bonus: Instant coffee makes this easy to whip up.

11. Bulletproof coffee

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Photo: Worthy Pause

Take the bitter edge off of black coffee with a dollop of ghee and coconut oil. Thanks to the milk solids being removed during the clarifying process, ghee is A-OK on Whole30.

12. Healthy pumpkin spice latte

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Photo: Run to Radiance

Real pumpkin and coconut milk instead of creamer help set this seasonal favorite apart from your garden variety coffee shop PSL. Cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves give it subtle spice and natural sweetness.

13. Dairy-free affogato

Hot espresso over a scoop of dairy-free ice cream? We’re in! This update on the classic Italian dessert, is a yummy afternoon treat.

Keep it simple using store-bought Whole30 compliant nondairy ice creams. Or have an adventure by making a nondairy ice cream from scratch.

14. Easy creamy organic cold brew

It’s all about the shopping with this shortcut recipe. We’re combining an organic cold brew concentrate, nut pods (yes, they’re Whole30-approved), and coconut water for a near-instant, dairy-free iced brew.

15. Coconut mint iced mocha

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Photo: Sunkissed Kitchen

Trade the peppermint extract for peppermint oil, and this coffee cooler will be Whole30-ready. This recipe starts with an instant coffee-cocoa concentrate, sweetened with Medjool dates.

Light coconut milk makes the mocha flavors sing.

16. Iced coconut latte

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Photo: Modern Glam

No espresso machine needed here! Thanks to ready-made cold brew coffee and a blender, this chilled, frothy beverage comes together in 10 seconds flat.

Banana and coconut milk make it soooo smooth, and dairy-free.

17. Chai-spiced cold brew latte

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Photo: Do You Even Paleo?

Love the idea of chai spices, but usually craving coffee? This bold brew offers the best of both worlds. Cinnamon, cardamom, star anise, and cloves give you all the spiced chai flavors.

Instead of tea, cold-brewed coffee brings a smooth flavor and caffeine kick.

Just because you’re on Whole30 doesn’t mean you have to drink your coffee black. These recipes for delicious hot and cold caffeinated brews feature creamy blends of rich, nutty flavors, and natural sweeteners.