I’m an ‘old cook’ – my recipes come from past experiences and family. When my son was young I used Campbell Mushroom Soup on EVERYTHING! This recipe is based on that. Food Memories.

  • Yield: 5 servings
  • Total: 1 hour
  • Active: 10 minutes

Ingredients (5)

  • Chicken Legs and Thighs – I had 5 large joined pieces
  • Carrots, Onions & Celery – chopped in approximately 2 inch pieces – about a cup of each
  • Campbell Mushroom Soup
  • Salt, Pepper, Rosemary and Mrs Dash
  • Fresh Garlic – minced – as much as you like


  1. Cut up raw veggies – put in bottom of 9×13 (or appropriate size) pyrex dish
  2. Place chicken on top of veggies – Sprinkle dry seasonings generously over top
  3. Cover with foil – Place in oven at 400 degrees – Cook about 30-40 minutes – Remove foil
  4. Mix can of Mushroom Soup with a can of water and as much minced garlic as you like to taste. Stir – pour over chicken – then rinse can out with about 1/2-3/4 can more water and pour that over chicken…. Cook roughly another 30 minutes – uncovered – remove quickly from pan unto a plate (there is ‘grease’ that comes off the meat) – use the base for gravy.