Tell us if this sounds familiar: You’re headed out the door in the morning, so you run through a mental checklist: phone, wallet, keys. Wait, keys? Panic sets in. They aren’t in your pocket, so you check every surface in your home. They’re still nowhere to be found, so you start pacing and strain to think of the last time you remember seeing them. Ten minutes goes by—now you’re late and annoyed when you finally find them in the pockets of yesterday’s jeans.

The TrackR Bravo, a quarter-size Bluetooth tracking device, eliminates this whole situation. Attachable to almost anything you’d want to keep a handle on, you can loop it onto key chains, slip it inside your wallet, or stick it to the side of your car (mag-neato, eh—it’s magnetized). The device syncs up with an app that tells you how far you are from your misplaced item and can then ring it, which is especially helpful when said item is at the bottom of a pile of dirty clothes. Plus, it works backward too—so if you’ve lost your phone, press the button on the TrackR, and it’ll give your cell a ring. Yesterday’s jeans, you’ve met your match.