The 13 Healthiest Subscription Boxes

Interested in sampling innovative, healthy products that’ll satisfy the soul (and impress our friends)? Look no further: We found the best subscription boxes that guarantee to boost our health and happiness.
The 13 Healthiest Subscription Boxes


Forget the milkman. Now, there’s another way to get some surprises delivered to our doorstep: subscription sampler boxes. We rounded up the top 13 healthy boxes that are filled with creative and innovative food and fitness goods to give us a sweet sampling of health.

Healthy Surprise. So long chips, chocolate, and other sugar-filled snacks. Snacking has now become both healthier and easier. Filled with all natural, gluten-free, and (mostly) vegan treats, Healthy Surprises’ box is a chance to discover something new and tasty (like caveman cookies and skinny crisps!). Use discount code GREATIST for $5 off your next box



Foodzie. Foodzie brings the farmer’s market to our homes, from handcrafted California cheese to homemade oatcakes from Massachusetts. This online famer’s market is a great way to enjoy local and seasonal goods while supporting independent food makers.




Pairings Box. For an extra emphasis on innovation, Pairings Box is the place to go. Offering a sampling of unique food and music, subscribers receive a 7-inch vinyl single, a mixed tape, and up to two local, fresh ingredients for an opportunity to plug in while cookin’ out.




BREAKbox. It’s important to have healthy snacks on hand at work. So avoid vendingmachines chock full of preservatives and loaded sugar, and sample goods from organic teas to gourmet granolas and energy shots. And with special prices for different sized offices, Breakbox is a perfect purchase for the workspace (or to make other co-workers jealous).



JackedPack. Want to "get huge"? (Who doesn't, especially when the first month is free!) Luckily, there’s a way to sample different sports nutrition supplements with the promise to strengthen up. From recovery drinks to protein-packed brownies, even Arnold wouldn’t pass this up. But the brains behind Jacked Pack also have a soft side — part of proceeds goes to Vitamin Angels, a charity that supplies undernourished children with essential vitamins and minerals. Enjoy two extra goodies with discount code Greatist


Samplrs. Support local artisans with boxes filled with anything from beets to broth and chutney to cookies. Packed with fine ingredients to whip up any healthy meal (and with avegetarian option!) everyone can benefit from the best merchants’ food delivered to their doorstep. Get $5 off the first three months of a monthly subscription with discount code greatist



Craft Coffee. Coffee is amazing for you, so why not sample some of the best brews from around the world? Craft coffee offers three hand-selected coffee beans each month, supplying both a caffeine kick and a chance to try coffee that gives Starbucks a run for their money.




Steepster. Tea for two, and two for tea, here are some premium loose-leaf teas — delivered monthly! With Steepster, subscribers enjoy a (surprise!) themed box of three different teas,along with tasting notes, brewing suggestions, and some fun facts about each tea’s history and culture. Brewing up to 30 cups per box, there’s no better way to sit back and relax, mug in hand. Get 20% off your next box with discount code Greatist20


PaleoPax. The paleo diet may be tricky for some to follow at home, not to mention when on the go. (Gas station snacks aren’t all cave-man friendly.) Luckily, PaleoPax delivers snacks from the professional cavemen to our door. From coconut oil to kelp noodles, eating paleo has never been easier. Get $2 off your next box with the discount code greatist



KlutchClub. Want an all-around wellness experience? Then try out this brand new box, which includes workouts (like a yoga DVD!), apparel, skin products, and nutritious treats. It’sa great way to try a healthy taste of all-things fitness, health, and happiness. Get $2 off your next box with the discount code APRIL



Love with Food. Try eight or more curated, gourmet bites that are hard to find outside thisbox (sweet chipotle almonds, for one!). The best part? Buy a box, and Love with Food will donate a meal to food banks around the country. Now that’s a deal.




Conscious Box. This box is good for our health and the earth. Packed with ethical andsustainable products (think: organic snacks and vegan beauty products), each themed box also contains daily living tips and fun ways to re-use the package itself!




Eco-Emi. Want an eco-friendly box filled with organic sprouted quinoa, herbal tea, andnatural laundry detergent and hand purifier? Then look no further — Eco-Emi provides a sampling of health and beauty products that gives goodness to the earth and our bodies.


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