While most kids under the age of two are mastering feeding themselves with a spoon, and just starting to run, this basketball prodigy is working on his trick shots.

Chances Are, This Toddler Sinks More Shots Than You [Video]

What were you doing when you were a toddler? Smearing paint on the walls with your grimy little paws? Picking your nose? Learning how to walk?

Two-year-old Titus Ashby has spent his toddler days perfecting his basketball skills. It all started with a plastic kids' hoop, then he worked his way up to a 7-footer. And we're guessing he's not even three-feet-tall yet. Ashby has gained major internet kudos (3 million plus views) for his above-average motor skills.

The video chronicles Ashby's overhead throws from age 18-months to 24 months. The little guy's dad, Joseph Ashby, says his son began shooting baskets shortly after learning to walk. The standard shots Ashby lands in the hoop are impressive enough, but when the rim height increases he still manages to sink the ball... basketball, soccer ball, football. He shoots 'em lying down on a trampoline, and makes basket after basket despite distractions from his older siblings (and a multitude of flying objects).

We can't even begin to imagine what this pint-sized dude will accomplish once he makes his first basketball team. Those other kids better watch out!

Could you play ball like Titus Ashby when you were his age? Can you handle those jammies he's wearing? Let us know in the comment section below, or tweet the author @nicmcdermott.

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Photo: Clappstar

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