18 favorite health and fitness messages
  • “Yesterday you said tomorrow.” This is that “close Facebook and top incessantly checking Twitter” motto that helps us turn down technology and trek out into the cold.
  • “Nothing hurts more than sitting on a couch.” When the going gets tough, and the tough want to watch a Law & Order marathon, this is the reminder that your body will thank you for every one of these workouts when you’re old.
  • “Own this moment.” This one reminds us to just take a second and just be present. This moment is precious, and it’s your moment to shine.
The Takeaway:

Get In a Little “Om”

More and more, doctors are recommending meditation to manage stress and combat anxiety, depression, and chronic pain syndromes.

Fun Fact:

A 2007 survey of U.S. adults found that nearly 10 had meditated within the last 12 months.