Photo by Marissa Angell

Good news for those heading out on the town this weekend: Drinkers may exercise as much as 10 percent more than non-drinkers. Plus, those who exercise may be more likely to drink. The bad news? The two don’t necessarily cause one another. Folks who enjoy exercise may be more likely to enjoy drinking because they’re what researchers call “sensation-seekers”— whether that’s a runner’s high or a booze buzz. People who drink more might also acknowledge the need to fend off a beer belly with extra gym time.

So if you’re not a frequent drinker, there’s no reason to hit the bottle (well, for fitness purposes at least). However, those who enjoy the occasional night out might be more motivated to exercise regularly if they’re also drinking regularly— just not at the same time, please.

The Takeaway: Drinkers may spend more time at the gym, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should amp up your alcohol intake.

Beer’s Benefits

Studies have found beer may have cardiovascular benefits, just like wine. However, the reason is unclear— it could be something in the beer, or just that extra gym time.

Fun Quote:

There can’t be good living where there is not good drinking. — Benjamin Franklin