Photo by Caitlin Covington

Don’t drop that weight quite yet. Try doing the next set (that’s gym lingo for a series of repetitions, or repeated exercises like lifts, squats, or sit-ups) right after finishing the first. Skipping the break between sets could actually make exercise more effective. This practice is known as supersetting (Superman’s lesser-known cousin).

Supersetting can be done by either completing consecutive sets of the same exercise without a rest in between, or by switching between sets of different exercises without resting. Why is supersetting so great? Repeating the same exercises without a break increases muscle fatigue, which helps build muscle. Plus, switching to a different exercise without taking a breather ups aerobic effort and calorie burn.

The Takeaway: Cut out break-time between rests to make a workout more effective in less time.

Cut Down Gym Time

Supersetting’s just one way to get in and out of the gym in less time. We have 19 more where that came from.

Fun Fact

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