Alarm ClockPhoto by Marissa Angell

The best way to feel rested and refreshed in the morning is to go to sleep earlier, not hit the snooze button. Getting five or ten extra minutes of Zzzs after the alarm goes off won’t help to catch up on sleep, especially if you’ve been scrimping on hours all week. The sleep that happens between alarms is very light — definitely not a replacement for deep or REM snoozing. Waking up to a jarring beep (or Rhianna ringtone) jolts you out of the sleep cycle before the body is ready. Sticking to the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep each night gives the brain enough time in the morning to send out gradual wake-up hormones and signals, allowing you to get out of bed naturally.

Do it Today: Avoid the snooze button to wake up feeling more refreshed. Instead, go to sleep earlier.

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