When it comes to getting through a tough workout, there are two blockades to overcome: the mental and the physical. Here are our favorite ways to make fighting through that much easier:

  • Photo by Ben Draper

    Change it up. Try circuit training— a killer combo of strength and cardio. Alternate push-ups and mountain climbers to distract from the difficulty of each.

  • Recruit a trainer. Working out with a pro who can suggest new exercises and keep you accountable can make workouts easier to bear.
  • Fix your form. Running (or any cardio exercise) with good form will keep you chugging along, not dragging behind.
  • Get some feedback. Tracking heart rate, pace, and intensity will help you keep focused and push yourself to maintain higher standards.

The Takeaway: Making it through today’s workout doesn’t have to be all about mind games. Try these tips, or read on for 19 more— both physical and mental.

Track That

Calorie monitors may provide the motivation to keep it moving, but they’re not always completely accurate.

Fun Fact:

The first calorie tracker was invented back in 1977, and worked by tracking movement rather than heart rate (the more popular option these days).