Working out isn’t always easy. But fortunately, there are easier ways to get through a tough workout. Here are some real-world switches that’ll help distract from the burn:

  • Go from dreadmill to treadmill by running intervals instead of slow and steady miles.
  • Enlist a personal trainer or gym buddy to challenge you to work harder.
  • Work on form, especially when running, to get those feet moving with ease.
  • Monitor heart rate and pace to serve as a distraction and motivate you to keep going.

The Takeaway: When the going gets tough, switch up the routine. Try these changes to make getting through a workout even easier.

Snack Time?

If a cardio workout lasts longer than an hour, it’s best to refuel part of the way through.

Fun Fact:

“Gym” is derived from the Greek word gymnos, which means “naked.” Ancient athletes practiced in the nude.