We haven’t quite put the finishing touches on our time machine yet, but we do have some other quick and easy ways to help you accomplish more at the office:

  • Make it a habit. Try to work on things at the same time every day — early morning inbox organization, mid afternoon phone calls, and lunch-hour “essential” social networking.
  • To-do, or not to-do. This one’s a two-for. Make a to-do list each morning of just the tasks you plan to accomplish that day (don’t get distracted by tomorrow’s projects or next week’s meeting). Also make a list of things not to do, like, say, check Facebook or get involved in the office-wide debate on new vending machine fare.
  • Stay focused. Multitasking doesn’t really work, so skip it. Focus your attention on one task before trying to accomplish another.
  • Time it. Set an amount of time to work on a project, and when the time’s up, move on. Whether it’s five minutes or two hours, the time crunch well help you stay focused.

Read on for more than 20 additional easy tips.

The Takeaway: Getting more done doesn’t necessarily require more hours in the day. Switch up the way you work to accomplish more.

Whistle While You Work

A new study found folks who get 15 minutes of physical activity are more enthusiastic the rest of the day. Get pumped!

Fun Fact:

Norway and the Netherlands have some of the shortest workweeks in the Western hemisphere at 27 hours per week, on average. Americans work an average of 35 hours per week.