CrossFit RingsPhoto by Colin Gould / Reebok CrossFit Back Bay

CrossFit may seem intimidating — military special ops units, police academies, and professional athletes across the globe use it to get stronger. But even if you’re not gearing up for a drug raid or undercover infiltration, CrossFit can help you improve some everyday life skills. CrossFitters power through five to 20 minute sessions of high intensity exercises to target the muscles we use for everyday activities. (No, not sitting in a chair. We mean lifting, lugging, lunging, walking, jumping — basically, what our bodies were designed to do!) A stretch session tops it all off.

Takeaway: CrossFit isn’t for the faint of heart. (Nor is it for those who prefer to workout solo.) Be prepared for a challenge when you try it, but relish the benefits it confers to your daily skills.

Do It Today: Look up your nearest CrossFit gym to book a class.

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What To Expect

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