This isn’t your mama’s step aerobics. Get the heart pumping and quads firing with a lateral step over move. Start standing with a knee-high bench to the right. Lift the right leg, and place it on the other side of the bench without touching the foot to the top of the bench. Follow with the left leg, so the bench is to the left of both legs. Repeat going the opposite direction. Go as fast as you can while keeping form for a tougher challenge!

Do It Today: Skip the treadmill today and try a different, more efficient warm-up at the gym. A fast-tempo bodyweight move like the lateral step up can boost cardio and muscles at the same time.

Double the Fun

Studies show that working out with a partner enhances aerobic performance for both exercise buddies.

Take it Outside

Exercising outdoors in the winter is perfectly safe; just make sure to dress warm!