Whether you’re a night owl or early bird, there are oodles of reasons sex is a great way to start the day. Maybe you like it for the energy jolt. Or the stress relief. Perhaps the just-left-the-spa glow?

Make morning sex a habit and it’ll quickly overtake coffee as the best part of waking up.

Starting your day with a little action between the sheets is fun, but there are other ways it can benefit you in the bedroom and beyond.

1. Your bod is so ready

Did you know estrogen and testosterone levels peak in the morning. And science says the higher these hormones are, the hornier you feel. Strike while the iron is hot!

2. He’ll stay harder longer

Back to those hormones. Healthy testosterone levels could lead to better sexual performance and a stronger erection.

3. You’ll feel lovey-dovey for the rest of the day

Research shows that penile ejaculation releases oxytocin, aka the “cuddle hormone.” Morning sex could help you start your day with cuddly, warm feelings for your S.O. Ah, l’amour.

4. It melts stress

Bad dream? TMJ? Stress about the day ahead? Soothe ‘em all with morning sex.

Researchers say pleasure makes your stress hormones chill. And most peeps feel better in general when they have regular sex.

5. You’ll get to drink in the views

If you’re into candlelit lovemaking, we’re not here to rain on your parade. But getting a good view of your partner’s body in the light of day can be a major turn on too.

6. You’ll have a better morning mood

Morning isn’t the happiest time for all of us. Since sex releases endorphins — the same magical hormones that relieve pain and trigger a runner’s high — a little action helps you start your day in a better mood.

7. It counts as a morning workout

A quickie might not replace a 5-mile run, but it’ll burn way more calories than hitting snooze.

Researchers say humping can burn up to five calories a minute. And a 2013 study suggested an average sex sesh burns about 85 calories in a 30 minute sexual encounter.

8. Save some 💰, save the 🌍

Shower sex, FTW! Taking your morning shower together cuts down on your utility bill, time, and water waste! Just make sure you’re stabilized with a rubber mat or against a wall or shower door before getting down. Things can get slippery in there!

9. It’ll boost your germ-fighting powers for the day ahead

Pop that multivitamin, but don’t forget there are more exciting ways to boost immunity. In one study, peeps who had sex regularly had higher levels of immunoglobulin A, which fights off infections and colds.

Other research suggests sex boosts women’s immunity by triggering their bodies’ defenses against viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens.

10. You’ll get a natural glow-up

You know that dewy, rosy glow that usually requires 10 minutes of carefully applied highlighter, bronzer, and blush? Getting hot and bothered makes blood rush to alllll the parts of your body, including your face. Sex, but make it skin care.

11. It’s an amazing addition to your skin care routine

Your a.m. sex glow is more than skin deep. Researchers in a 2000-era BBC News report said multiple “Os” each week can literally make you look younger than the peeps who get down less often. Double the pleasure, half the wrinkles? We’re here for it.

12. You’ll be a machine at the office

Feel like a zombie on your morning commute? Getting down before dawn could be the solution. You’ll get to work with a pep in your step and a brain that’s firing on all cylinders.

Research says getting to O-town unleashes a flood of neurotransmitters, which could give your brain a boost for the day. And a 2017 study found that when couples have a good roll in the hay, their good vibes stick around for hours afterward, even at work.

13. You won’t lose Zzz’s

Sometimes a cozy dinner with a glass of red gets you feeling sleepy instead of ready for takeoff. Morning sexcapades help wake you up rather than pushing your bedtime to the wee hours of the morning.

Getting a full night of sleep is also good for your sex life. A 2019 study of 3,944 people reported that bad sleep habits can be related to sex probs later in life.

14. There’s less pressure to perform

You haven’t had your coffee yet. You’re both still feeling sleepy. Slow, lazy sex = no-pressure sex. And who doesn’t want to just kick back and enjoy once in a while?

15. It helps you put off the inevitable

And by that we mean… getting out of bed. Morning sex means you get to enjoy your bed for just a little longer each day! On weekends, you can even cuddle up and snooze after getting freaky. Or how about Amazon Prime and sexy time until noon?

Making sex a routine might sound like the opposite of sexy, but we’ve got tips to keep it sizzling.

When you’re worried you’ll get to work late…

Just roll over and get busy as soon as your alarm goes off (you were going to hit the snooze button anyway, right?). Or, if you’re feeling ambitious, set the alarm 15 or 20 minutes early. Remember, morning sex can be quick and easy.

When you don’t want to lose sleep…

Remember, you want this. You’ll feel happier, smarter, stronger, and more connected to your S.O. — it’s going to feel ahhh-mazing.

But also, no one blames you for wanting to catch a few more winks. To get down without losing any Zzz’s, take your morning sex to the shower.

When you’re too tired to get started…

The good news is, your partner’s probably sleepy too. Just go for the easiest, most low-impact sex positions. Try spooning, or whatever feels best that day.

When you’re just not in the mood…

Try nipple play, gentle finger teasing, or slow, sexy foreplay. If one of you is more energetic and in the mood, start with oral.

When you’re worried about bad breath…

Preparation is key. Keep some mints and a glass of water by the bed. You could also try doggy-style, spooning, or lotus for some sizzling fun that doesn’t involve face-to-face exposure.

If you’re worried about morning breath but still want to make out, get creative. Think beyond your lips. Could you smooch their nipples or neck? Or maybe you want to work your way down? Mouth-to-skin contact can totally be as steamy as mouth-to-mouth.

When you’re worried about the harsh light of day…

Morning light is actually super sexy, softly outlining your angles and curves. But if you’re too nervous to bare it all, try a little foreplay under the covers first.

When you’re still not convinced…

Every couple and every body is different. If you’re head over heels for nighttime escapades, you do you. If you’re S.O. is the one feeling thirsty in the a.m., try them for oral and offering to return the favor in the evening.

A position a day keeps the boredom away, amiright? Here’s some #inspo to kick off your morning sex routine with a bang.

1. Doggy-style

This fun classic is great for going deep and making sure both partners enjoy the ride.

To get down doggy-style, one person can get down on all fours with their knees a comfortable distance apart. (If you’re in this position, feel free to bend your arms and drop your head down to rest.) The other person will kneel behind the first person and penetrate the vagina or anus with their penis, fingers, or sex toy.

You can also switch it up by bending over the bed instead of crouching on all fours or using this is a starting point for oral sex.

2. Spooning

Looking for maximum pleasure with minimal effort? Try spooning. Face the same direction, get nice and cozy, then have your partner penetrate you from behind using their penis, fingers, or a sex toy.

This one takes a little cooperation on the rhythm, but otherwise it’s a cakewalk to the finish.

3. Cowgirl-style

This is a fun one when one person’s feeling a little lazier than the other. To take charge in the cowgirl (or cowboy) position, straddle your partner’s hips while they lie on their back. Play around with tempo and depth as you thrust.

4. Hot wrap

To get hot and heavy with this position, have your partner lie on top of you while you lie on your back. You’re essentially a rotated spoon, with their back pressed against your front. Now reach around and play with their clit or penis using your fingers or a sex toy.

Bonus — there’s no face-to-face with the hot wrap, so it’s perfect for morning breath.

5. Side-69ing

Not on Team 69 yet? Sideways is a chill way to ease into it. With heads at opposite ends of the bed, lie on your sides and face each other. Tilt your head so you’re both mouth-to-genitals. Ready, set, go!

6. Ankle choker

You’re gonna want to throw off the covers and wake up for this one. Lie back and have your partner kneel in front of you or stand right next to the bed. Put both feet on one of your S.O.’s shoulders, and have them hold your ankles together while they penetrate you. This hot, sexy position is totally worth the effort.

7. Le “Black Swan”

You didn’t think morning sex was just for couples, right? Next time you wake up solo, flip to your stomach and slide your hand (or toy) to the magic spot that feels best. This is the perfect time to play with different strokes and pressures — find out what you like!

Morning sex will make your day better in so many ways — more energy, less stress, and a free glow-up, to name a few. Plus, it’s good old-fashioned fun.

If penciling in a daily a.m. sex sesh sounds overwhelming, ease into it. Start with three times a week, then adjust up from there.