Gotta Go! App

You’re on a bad date, stuck chatting with that guy at the party, or sitting through another one of those never-ending work meetings. And just when you can’t stomach another fake laugh, you think, “Man, if only there was an easy—and socially acceptable—way to bail.” Well, today is your lucky day. The app gods (more specifically, Chelsea Handler) have blessed us with Gotta Go!, an iOS app that texts or calls you with the perfect excuse.

If you know you’re heading into a situation where you might want to conveniently dip out, open the app, create an excuse (your roommate is locked out, your best friend’s car broke down), and set the timer for anywhere from one minute to two hours. Like magic, the app will shoot you a text or give you a ring at the scheduled time. We preferred the texting route, but you have to try the phone call at least once. When you pick up, Chelsea is on the other end of the line, coaching you through what to say to the poor person you’re bailing on.

And best of all? It’s free. Like you, now.