Sometimes the people we know the best are the hardest ones to shop for. It’s easy to get into a rut of socks and ties, lingerie and jewelry—which is exactly why you’ll find none of that on our list.

This year it’s time to get creative. And by creative, we don’t mean a d*ck in a box, because that joke’s now a decade old. Below we’ve rounded up the best gifts for every relationship, no matter how long (or not-so-long) you’ve been in it.

Coffee Cold Brew Gift Set

Whirlwind romances often come with late-night rendezvous. Make the following mornings a bit easier for your paramour with this cold brew coffee kit. It’s got everything you need to prep your joe the night before then simply dilute with a little water in the a.m.Available at, $36.

Mojave Desert Face Oil

Are you dating a lumberjack? A hipster barista? A Zach Galifianakis look-alike? Whoever it is, this beard oil, distilled from plants found in the Mojave Desert, is the gift he didn’t know he needed. Using it will smooth, soften, and shape those whiskers. Plus, it’s manlier than wrestling a grizzly bear—and way safer.Available at, $35.

You Rock Mug

It can be tough when you’re newly dating. Are you exclusive? Do you like her more than she likes you? In lieu of prematurely dropping the L-bomb, give ’em this cute mug instead. (Then gauge their reaction and appropriately overanalyze and obsess.)Available at, $12.43

The Connected Characters of “Seinfeld” Print

If your boyfriend is an importer/exporter named Art Vandelay—well, you might have other issues. But if you know your S.O. would crack up at that reference, this chart about nothing is the perfect way to yadda, yadda, yadda.Available at, $35.

“The Artists’ and Writers’ Cookbook”

If your romantic, home-cooked dinners include cans of SpaghettiOs, let your partner know it’s time to kick it up a notch with this beautiful book containing recipes from some of today’s best writers and artists. Bonus points if your partner learns to recite poetry from said writers while cooking.Available at, $22.50.

ACE Hotel Shop Together Slides

Gift these extra-comfy slides to your partner as a way to articulate what you’re already feeling: You’re better together.Available at, $46.

Various Projects Key Tags

Make handing over your spare set of keys feel extra fancy. It’s a big moment. And you’re totally ready.Available at, $15.

You Are Loved Gift Set

Fact: Scents can be powerful memory stimulants. Trigger all the right reminders with this gift set that includes a spray for beachy hair and one that softens and rejuvenates skin.Available at, $26.

White Pike Whiskey

Family? Politics? Religion? Check, check, and check. At this point in your relationship, you’ve covered the important stuff. Now give your partner what he or she really wants: a stiff drink. It’ll make discussing the aforementioned topics with family over the holidays a tiny bit easier.Available at, $44.

Allbirds Sneakers

These unisex kicks are made from a super-soft breathable wool, so they’ll keep your partner’s toes warm when temps drop (which is great if you share a bed with this person. Sayonara, icicle feet!). It’s tempting to nab a pair for yourself too, but do you really want to be that couple who wears matching footwear?Available at, $95.

Herschel Chapter Travel Kit

If you haven’t already planned a big trip together, drop a hint with this cute but functional travel kit. After all, you never really know if someone loves you until you survive food poisoning during a 15-hour Hong Kong flight together.Available at, $29.99.

Saturdays Sasha Sunglasses

It’s not a ring, but it might be the next best thing. These frames are handmade in Japan and will shield those eyes you love staring into. Sun protection has never looked so cool or been so romantic.Available at, $295.

“Spoonful” Magazine Subscription

Launched in January by a local Philly food writer, Spoonful celebrates cooking and entertaining. The quarterly zine is the perfect way to give a gift that keeps on giving—and to let your partner know you’re still totally hip and tapped into the underground indie food scene, obvi.Available at, $80.

Killspencer Baseball

Your partner’s Little League days are long gone, but if a plastic gold trophy on the mantle persists, we offer this as a sleek and sophisticated upgrade: a black leather baseball in homage to the glory days of yesteryear—that you don’t have to hide when you have people over.Available at, $109.

Wolfum Paloma Backgammon Set

Pretend it’s 1994 and iPhones don’t exist. Full House is over, so there’s nothing else to do except play a game like this travel-friendly, beautifully designed set. Strip backgammon optional.Available at, $130.

Still searching for that perfect present? We’ve got tons more gift ideas up our sleeves.