This week, Greatist was graced with two guest posts — Carla Birnberg and Becca Borawski. First we learned how a pizza and beer loving college girl first set eyes (and palms) on a pair of dumbbells and transformed her life. We then got a glimpse into the life of a female mixed martial artist, kicking ass in a mostly male sport. This past weekend, we got our fit on too at the NYC Color Run (and had rainbow tinted skin when we returned to the office on Monday). While we hit the pavement in the big apple, our outreach director and staff writer, Laura, logged some serious miles in one of largest relays in the world — Nicole McDermott


How I Found My Voice in the Weight Room

GUEST POST: When the freshman 15 turned into a college 40, Carla Birnberg was ready to make a change. The first step: finding her way to the gym. What came next was a complete makeover, inside and out. Read her story here.

What It’s Like to Be a Mixed Martial Artist, and a Woman

GUEST POST: Becca Borawski, Breaking Muscle Managing Editor, writes about her experiences training in MMA with men — and what it’s taught her about being a woman in a predominantly male sport.

199 Miles Later: Takeaways from Running Hood to Coast

Greatist’s staff writer and outreach director just returned from Hood to Coast, one of the largest relays in the world. Read all about her experience and the lessons she learned along the way!

We Did It: The Color Run

Last weekend, The Greatist Team added some color to the day at The Color Run NYC. See how we did at the so-called “happiest 5K on the planet.”

16 Ways to Get More Out of the Gym [PHOTOS]

The gym experience is always evolving. From strength training to hydrating to partner workouts, we’ve compiled 16 fun and easy ways to get the most of any gym experience.

How to Be the Best Spotter at the Gym

A helping hand can be a big confidence booster in the weight room. It can also keep a buddy out of harm’s way. Read on for the how-to guide on becoming the most reliable spotter in the gym.

Quote: Lance Armstrong Fights Negativity

The sound of one person booing is enough to drown out accolades and applause. Lance Armstrong, recently stripped of his cycling titles over doping charges, talks on the power of negativity.

How Diana Nyad Prepared to Swim to Cuba [Video]

Diana Nyad, 63-year-old swimmer extraordinaire, shares her secrets to swimming an absurd amount of miles (Florida to Cuba!) in this video. Watch her try to beat the odds.

Yoga on the Road [Infographic]

Who says you can’t do yoga on a plane, bus, or train? Here are 10 yoga poses you can squeeze in just about anywhere. So pack the sanitizer, and start practicing the moves in this travel-friendly infographic.

News: Hunter-Gatherer Exercise

The Biggest Loser may tell us to work out and shed the pounds but new research suggests we burn pretty much the same number of calories whether we exercise or not.


Feng Shui in the Bedroom: Practical Tips for Better Chi

Looking for a little more zen? Whether you’ve got a master bedroom, dorm room, or the tiniest studio around, check out these practical feng shui tips to help make your living space more happy and harmonious — at any time of day.


The Truth About Salt, Experts Weigh In

Is salt really a major problem for Americans? Here’s what three experts have to say is really going on with salt in America.

10 College Hacks to Own Any School Year

The new school year is almost underway and Greatist has 10 amazing hacks to help you make the most out of your dorm room.

#imagreatist Weekend Warriors

Our greatist community milked their weekends for all they were worth this time around. Check out these #imagreatist tips to help plan your next one!

Recipe: Breakfast Polenta with Honey and Yogurt

Try this warm breakfast treat in place of classic oatmeal. It’s easy to prepare and sure to start any day off right.

How to Create an Injury-Free Workspace

Oh, my aching back! Avoid common office injuries like muscle strains and vision problems by setting up a workstation the right way. We’ve got all the tips to make redecorating a snap.

Are Preservatives in Food Bad for My Health?

Preservatives can be found in almost everything we eat (and are as equally hard to pronounce as they are to keep track of). Here’s what you need to knows about these additives, including what to keep chomping on and what to spit out!

Recipe: Meat-Free Mushroom Bolognese

Try this meat-free take on a classic hearty Italian pasta dish.

30 Healthy Breakfast Snacks for Mornings on the Run

September is National Breakfast Month, and to celebrate, Greatist picked 30 of the best, healthiest breakfast options, perfect for packing as snacks, too!

How to Carry a Heavy Bag Without Wrecking Yourself

Lugging a heavy load is no fun. Whether it’s an overloaded backpack, tote, or messenger bag, learn the best way to carry that weight.