Cuticle oil can help keep your nails healthy, hydrated, and protected. You can find affordable options at most drugstores or online.

You have your base coat, top coat, and hand cream — but what about those cuticles? Using cuticle oil is a great way to keep your nails hydrated, healthy, and protected. Here’s the deets! 💅

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Cuticle oil is often forgotten, but it can make a big diff in your nails’ overall health and appearance. Think of it like chapstick for your cuticles.

Here are the four best benefits of cuticle oil:


Dry, cracked skin and hangnails can be uncomfortable or even painful. Cuticle oil keeps the area moisturized, soft and supple. This may be especially important if you use gel polish.


Hello, hand model hands. Using cuticle oil on the reg can quickly transform your at-home mani to pro-looking levels. It might seem like such a small detail, but unkempt cuticles are really not a look.

Boost health

Many cuticle oils are also meant to be applied to the nails, so read the instructions on your product before trying. If so, ingredients like vitamin E can strengthen the nail and the surrounding area. They may even help your nails grow faster, stronger, and longer. But TBH, there’s not enough evidence to know for sure.


The oil can form a barrier between your delicate cuticles and the elements – whether that’s freezing AF outdoor air or super-hot shower water. It can also protect your nails from future trauma (e.g. cracks, chips, or hangnails). If you paint your nails, it can help the polish stay polished. 💁‍♀️

Cuticles looking thirsty? Grab your oil, and let’s go:

  1. Apply a drop or so of oil to each cuticle. Many formulas are meant to be applied over the entire nail, so read the instructions to know for sure.
  2. Gently rub the formula into the cuticle with your fingers, a nail brush, or a cotton ball.
  3. If the formula is very oily, you may want to massage it for 1–2 minutes, which may help boost circulation in the area. Bonus: Even if you can’t swing a salon mani RN, you can relax and feel a little pampered at home.
  4. Follow with hand cream if desired. This can help seal the oil in.
  5. Reapply 1-2 times a day or as needed.

To protect your cuticles and hand health on the daily, it’s also a good idea to wear gloves in the cold or when cleaning with harsh chemicals.

Keeping your hands away from excess heat can also help your nails and cuticles stay on fleek.

You can pick up some cuticle oil at your local beauty supply store (Sally’s FTW), drugstore, or at retailers like:

  • Sephora
  • Ulta
  • Target
  • Amazon

They usually range in price from under $5 to $20.

DIY cuticle oil

That jojoba or grapeseed oil you use on your face? Yeah, you can also just use a drop of that on your cuticles. Since most cuticle oils contain some nut or veggie oil, using a bit of avocado or hemp oil will do the trick.

Just keep in mind that thinner oils (like flaxseed) will absorb into the tender area better than thicker ones (like coconut).

A couple of drops of cuticle oil can transform the health and beauty of your nails and cuticles. These formulas can strengthen the nail and surrounding area, prevent hangnails and chapped skin, and keep skin looking and feeling soft and supple.

Pick some up at your local drugstore or online. You can also grab some of your most nourishing nut or veggie skincare oil.