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Looking for a sleep experience that’ll give you the three Cs? (That’s cool, comfy, and climate-friendly, FYI.) Bamboo might be your bed’s best bud.

Sheets made from bamboo have a reputation for being both breathable and temperature-regulating (Read: They cool you down when you’re hot and warm you up when you’re chilly) while also wicking away moisture and resisting odors. On top of all that, they’re hypoallergenic and serve up a feel that’s softer and more luxe than cotton or linen.

The only downside? Once you decide you’re gonna hop on that bamboo bandwagon and start looking at all your options, figuring out which sheets to get can feel like a major undertaking.

Since you prob already have a full-time job, we did the digging for you by testing out some of the best-loved bamboo sheets to see which ones are actually worth the buzz.

11 best bamboo sheets

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We sought out bamboo sheets that have racked up top ratings among enthusiastic sleepers — and test-drove them ourselves (tough, we know!).

In addition to looking at factors like comfort, breathability, and moisture-wicking ability, we also paid attention to how the sheets washed and how much promise they showed in terms of durability.

Pricing guide

There’s a big price difference between budget and luxury picks, often because less expensive sheets are made from bamboo blends. Our prices are for queen-size sets, each of which comes with a fitted sheet, a flat sheet, and two pillowcases.

  • $ = under $75
  • $$ = $75–$100
  • $$$ = $101–$175
  • $$$$ = $176–$250
  • $$$$$ = over $250
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OK, let’s talk deets. Here are the very best bamboo sheets, no matter what you’re looking for.

Best overall bamboo sheets

Cariloha Resort Bamboo Sheets

The manufacturer brags that these sheets are softer than 1,000-thread-count Egyptian cotton — and it’s totally true. The supremely silky, ultra-breathable fabric legit feels like what you’d find at the fanciest hotel.

The brand says these sheets sleep 3 degrees cooler than nonbamboo sheets, and while we didn’t bust out a thermometer, the claim sounds about right.

Cons: You definitely want to take care to follow the label instructions for washing. Otherwise, the fabric could start to degrade.

Price: $$$$

Best luxury bamboo sheets

Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheet Set

These sheets feel like you’re sleeping on cashmere, if cashmere were the most lightweight, skin-friendly, temp-regulating fabric on Earth. (Also, Oprah apparently loves them, so you know they’re good.) Bonuses: The bamboo is sourced from USDA certified organic farms, and the packaging is reusable.

Cons: The manufacturer recommends line-drying the sheets to preserve their softness. If that’s not an option, tumble drying on low works, too.

Price: $$$$$, but get 45 percent off with code GREATIST45

Best bamboo/cotton blend sheets

The Company Store Company Cotton Bamboo Sateen Sheet Set

These sheets offer the coolness of bamboo with just a little more crispness, thanks to a 70/30 blend of bamboo and cotton sateen. And the elastic band around the bottom of the fitted sheet is designed to keep the sheet from moving around too much.

Cons: The sheets fit mattresses only up to 16 inches deep, and some colors are on backorder.

Price: $$$$

Bamboo sheets with the best color options

ettitude Bamboo Lyocell Sheet Set

From cloud pink to starlight blue to sage and even stripes, these are the kinds of hues that’ll look great on your grid. Also nice: The accompanying pillowcases reduce frizz!

Cons: Mattress pocket measurements aren’t listed on the site. So if you have a super-thick mattress, you might want to reach out to the brand to confirm the sheets will fit your bed.

Price: $$$$

Bamboo sheets with an ultra-silky look

Luxome Premium Bamboo Sheets

If you’re looking for sheets with maximum sheen, this set delivers. The sateen weave legit looks (and feels) like silk, especially when you opt for one of the darker colors. (The sapphire blue is pretty classy.) The fitted sheet works for mattresses up to 17 inches thick.

Cons: Slick and silky obvi isn’t for everyone. Skip these if you like a more rustic look.

Price: $$$

Best budget bamboo sheets

Target The Bamboo Collection Rayon Sheet Set

Soft, durable, and budget-friendly? Yes, please! These breathable bamboo sheets prove that quality doesn’t have to break the bank.

Cons: The color options are pretty limited.

Price: $$

Bamboo sheets with an amazing warranty

Layla Bamboo Sheets

It’s easier to shell out big bucks for sheets when you can rest assured you’ll still get your money’s worth if they wear out prematurely. That’s what makes these sheets so worth it — they come with a 120-night money-back guarantee and are covered for 5 years under the manufacturer’s warranty.

Cons: They come in only white and gray. *sad trombone*

Price: $$$$

Bamboo sheets with the best Amazon reviews

Hotel Sheets Direct Bamboo 4 Piece Bed Sheet Set

Nearly 12,000 enthusiastic Amazon reviews can’t be wrong. These sheets score high in comfort and affordability and come in a bunch of colors. Fun bonus: The queen-size pillowcases come with pockets.

Cons: The fitted sheet isn’t roomy enough for deeper mattresses.

Price: $$

Bamboo sheets that will never slip off the bed

Cosy House Luxury Bamboo Bed Sheets

Smooth without being slick, these sheets have a plush feel, breathability, and plenty of moisture-wicking ability. But what people really seem to love is the 360-degree cinching and elastic corner straps around the fitted sheet to keep that baby in place.

Cons: The sheets contain some polyester, so they’re not pure bamboo.

Price: $$$

Bamboo sheets that feel like serious adulting

Luxor Linens Bali Bamboo Luxury Sheet Set

These sheets definitely say “A grown-up lives here,” thanks to the border stitching, the monogram option, and the fact that they don’t wrinkle when you wash them, so your bed always looks put together. Colors like plum, gold, and wine are tough to find elsewhere too.

Cons: The sheets are a bamboo/microfiber blend. That brings the cost down, but they might not sleep as cool as bamboo sheets.

Price: $$$

Best budget bamboo blend sheets

Zen Bamboo Luxury 1500 Series Bed Sheets

Want to get a feel for what sleeping in bamboo might be like without full-on investing? These sheets fit the bill. They’re a 40/60 blend of bamboo and polyester but still manage to be super soft. If you peek through the Amazon reviews, you’ll see they seem to be a fave for college dorms and first apartments.

Cons: They might not be as cool and breathable as other bamboo sheet brands.

Price: $

So, these bamboo sheets all look, sound, and feel awesome. But so do your regular sheets! So why bother making the change?

Well, it’s not all about the comfort, or the looks — there’s other benefits to getting bamboo sheets that you might not have ever considered. Benefits which might help you, with your specific circumstances. No, really!

Looking for comfort? Bamboo sheets will do you proud with a softness that’s generally greater than cotton sheets (with a lower thread count).

On a budget? Although bamboo sheets tend to be more expensive than low thread count cotton sheets, they’re considerably more durable, and will last longer.

We’ll check out some key deets of those bamboo sheets in a mo, but here’s the pros and cons:


  • breathable
  • durable
  • soft
  • hypoallergenic


  • can be expensive
  • not the highest level of softness
  • tend to be cool-feeling for people who like it warm
  • can be chemically-treated
  • prone to wrinkles
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Still got some queries about bambooing up your bed? Let’s get them answered, so you can bamboogie! (sorry.)

Are bamboo sheets good for your skin?

On the whole, yup! Remember we mentioned that bamboo sheets tend to have a cool-feeling? If you have dry skin, that can be a major boon, because your body heat isn’t being trapped as much as it would be with cotton sheets. Add the fact that they’re hypoallergenic, and it’s safe to say that your skin will give bamboo sheets the thumbs up.

Are bamboo sheets slippery?

You might’ve tried satin sheets before, and been put-off by that slight I’m-sliding-out-of-bed sensation which has you unconsciously gripping at your blankets in your sleep, but you won’t get that with bamboo. On the whole, they feel pretty normal — just cooler!

How often do I need to wash bamboo sheets?

Because they feel a little cooler, you may not sweat on bamboo sheets as much as you would with cotton ones (which you should change at least once a week). So especially during cooler months, you can likely go about 10 to 14 days at most between washes. But that’s not the most sanitary thing to do.

Can I wash bamboo sheets in hot water?

It’s undeniable that bamboo needs a little bit of extra love to keep it in good condition. Bamboo tends to wrinkle more than cotton, and can be a little prone to shrinkage (and most people don’t want shrinkage in the bedroom, so to speak). Wash them in cold or lukewarm water, and they’ll keep better for longer.

Can I put bamboo sheets in the dryer?

Yep! Although remember that they don’t like the heat; keep them on a lower heat setting, such as those for delicates. They also respond well to being part-dried out in the open air, then put in the dryer to finish them off.

Okay, so you’re ready to go grab a shiny new set of bamboo sheets. But what exactly do you need to look out for in order to make the best choice for you? After all, we all sleep differently, and like different things.

So bear these key points in mind:

  • Do you sleep hot or cold? Bamboo sheets are very breathable, and generally make you feel quite cool at night, whereas cotton is much more warming. Pick according to your preference!
  • Know your budget. Bamboo sheets are generally more expensive than low thread count cotton ones but on the bright side, they’re more durable and last longer, meaning that they might be a wise investment.
  • How soft do you like your sheets? Bamboo sheets sit somewhere in the middle of the softness range — they’re more comfy than low thread count cotton, but can’t compare with a high thread count.
  • Do you have allergies? Bamboo fiber is naturally hypoallergenic, making it a great option for folks with allergies. However, they can sometimes be chemically-treated in the production process, so be aware if that’s something you’re sensitive to.
  • Maintenance. Certain weaves of bamboo can get more wrinkly than your beloved shar-pei pooch; cotton tends to sit a little better.

There’s plenty of reasons to buy bamboo sheets and plenty of options on which ones to get!

If you prefer to have a cooler feel at night, rather than the warmth of something like cotton, bamboo might be the best fit for you. It’s also hypoallergenic and good for people with dry skin, as well as consistently soft — you’ll find them comfier than low thread count cotton sheets!

Keep in mind, though that bamboo tends to be more expensive than cotton (unless you’re going for the really nice cotton sheets), and it needs slightly more careful maintenance. But on the whole, it’s a robust, long-lasting option.

If bamboo sheets float your boat (or raft), pick the best sheets for you, and set sail on a sea of dreams!