This week we’re not endorsing donut eating, but we are asking, “Why don’t we make better choices about our health?” Weigh in on which health and fitness decisions tip the scale more than others (ehem, I can eat doritos because I’m young).And since the past few days brought beautiful Spring weather for many of us, it’s the perfect time to the nearest park and try out our favorite bodyweight exercises for strength and speed. Spring also means another less exciting thing: Spring cleaning! Ditch the toxic stuff and turn to DIY cleaning products (hello, lemon juice and olive oil). Here’s to being (so fresh and so) clean and healthy!

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Why Don’t We Make Better Choices About Our Health?
Most of us know when we’re making bad decisions about our health (pizza at 2 in the morning? Really Zack?), but why do we keep on making them even when we know we’re wrong? This week, we explore what motivates us, and why we can so often slip off track.

27 Chemical-Free Products for DIY Spring Cleaning
Toxins aren’t just a concern when it comes the food we eat; they can also sneak into our environments through everyday cleaning products. Ditch the toxins — and still keep things clean — with these DIY cleaning products for bathrooms, kitchens, laundry, and everywhere else in the home.

Get in the Flo: Alisa Vitti Talks Hormones, Health, and Empowerment
Greatist interviews Alisa Vitti about what menstruation can teach us about our overall health and how paying attention to their periods could change women’s lives.

17 Explosive Bodyweight Exercises for Strength and Speed
Ready to add some intensity to your favorite bodyweight exercises? Achieve better athletic performance and a stronger body with these 17 powerful moves.


Lululemon’s New Om Finder App For Everyday Yogis
This just in: Lululemon has launched a brand-new app that hunts down local studios and classes. What’s the bottom line, and why should we care about their new Om Finder app?

We Did It: The Scotland Run 10k
The Greatist Team suited up in blue, white, and tartan for the annual Scotland Run 10K. Read on to hear about our adventure. Note: no Loch Ness monsters were harmed in the making of this article).

In the Gym with Matt Hathcock, CrossFit Games Hopeful
The CrossFit Games season is in full swing. And with nearly 140,000 participants in this year’s CrossFit Open, only the best will move on. One such athlete is Matt Hathcock, a veteran competitor working for his first-ever trip to the sport’s biggest stage.

Are Some People Born to Hate Working Out?
More and more research suggests some people are genetically predisposed to enjoy exercise, while others need more motivation to ditch the couch. It’s a reminder that we need to find the health and fitness routine that works best for us.


The Ultimate Guide to Spices
You’ve likely got jars and jars of the stuff clogging up your pantry. Find out how to store, use, and enjoy the most popular spices.

Crowfunded “Culination” Aims to Revolutionize the Way We Cook
Culination, a new online cooking instruction website, plans to make it a whole lot easier for Americans to learn cooking techniques, prepare healthy recipes, and get inspired in the kitchen.

#imagreatist Active Choices from Around the Web
This week greatists from around the web got moving! Read on to feel inspired to be active, too.

Chemists Create a Chocolate Bar with Half the Fat. Would You Eat It?
Scientists have infused chocolate with fruit juice in order to slash the fat and reduce sugar content. Should chocolate stay simple, or is this a step in a healthier direction?

5 Healthy Sandwich Recipes from Around the Web
Nobody really needs a recipe to slap some meat or cheese between two slices of bread. But for a creative, tasty, and healthy sandwich to get out of that lunch rut, try these 5 great ideas.

44 Healthy Foods Under $1
Millions of families across the U.S. are living without access to nutritious food. This year Greatist is participating in the Food Bloggers Against Hunger campaign to help figure out strategies to make healthy living a little more affordable.

45 Delicious and Healthy Sweet Potato Recipes
They’re beautiful, unassuming, and loaded with good-for-you nutrients: Sweet potatoes are a bright (orange) star in the cooking world, and we’ve rounded up 45 healthy, delightful sweet potato recipes to prove it.


7 Ways We’re Reducing Stress This Week
Relax already: April is National Stress Awareness Month. Here are what our ambassadors do to help de-stress – take a tip and start feeling better today!

Modern Intimacy: Coping with Neediness
COLUMN: In the third of a four-part series on modern intimacy, psychiatrist Dr. Mark Banschick explores why we can feel so needy in intimate relationships, and offers several tips for addressing neediness in a healthy, productive way.

5 Things That’ll Make You Happy From Around the Web
Ready to feel a little happier? From the world’s friendliest restaurant, to a panda cub’s first snow day, to a horse who’s a professional painter, we’ve rounded up five links from around the web bound to increase your happiness quotient.

Not Spiritual? Why You Can Still Meditate
GUEST POST: It’s not all chanting and levitating. Meditation instructor davidji tells us why a few minutes of stillness is a practical way to achieve peace and calm in the midst of our chaotic lives.

Why We’re All In This Together, According to Khalil Gibran
Lebanese poet and artist Khalil GIbran may be the third-best selling poet of all time, but he also knew the importance of universal human rights, no matter who you are.