Most of us know when we're making bad decisions about our health (pizza at 2 in the morning? Really Zack?), but why do we keep on making them even when we know we're wrong? This week, we explore what motivates us, and why we can so often slip off track.

Why Don't We Make Better Choices About Our Health?


We get it. It's easy. If we want to eat better, we shouldn't eat Doritos. We should go to the gym more often. We should probably not sit at the computer all day long without breaks. We should also probably get to that yoga class Kyle's been recommending but, you know, the timing didn't work out this week.

In the broadest sense, we all know how we could be healthier in our day to day lives, whether that's diet, exercise, or mental health. So why don't we do it all the time. Here at Greatist, we're big supporters of "cheat days," a day or meal where you just eat or do what you want. A little bit of abandon can foster a whole lot of happiness and make a wellness regime seem a little less scary (good things).

Everyone's allowed their joys, but why do we get a large when we only needed a small? We're opening it up to you. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Best yet, feel free to ask a question and add to the conversation!

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