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Luoman/Getty Images

The clunk as your gears shift into that next stage of thigh-burning. The whoosh of wind in your hair. The chirrup as nature speaks all around you. Or the “Pump that sh*t!” from your cycling class instructor. Sure, cycling provides its own soundtrack. But that’s no substitute for amazing tunes! We built a killer playlist for every type of cycle.

From pedaling indoors to pulling off ambitious climbs up a hill in the middle of nowhere, good tunes can provide the support you need to get the results you want.

We’ll step up as your DJ. Just stick these in your ears and get those legs moving!

Sure, your instructor may have music lined up. But when did you ever do what your teacher told you? You’re a rebel, born to cycle as hard and fast as possible to whatever music you damn well please.

We’ve gone for the happy midpoint between driving music and workout jams.

Cycling isn’t all flailing limbs and pools of sweat — sometimes, it’s amazing to just get out, bump your mood up, and clear your head.