Photos by Jordan Shakeshaft

This past Sunday, The Greatist Team visited New York’s High Line Park for a morning of fun in the sun. But rather than take in the city from the park’s elevated greenway (and just a week after some seriously suspended yoga), we stayed on the ground to take advantage of the High Line Rink for our first foray into roller skating. After lacing up, the Team timidly took to the rink and, after a few shaky steps, began some group laps on our newfound wheels. The first few laps were a bit nerve-wracking, and there was more than one (admittedly tame) fall (though two were from the same founder & ceo). Luckily, professional figure skater, coach, and friend of Greatist Sarah Zanolli was on hand to provide some much-needed pointers, including how to safely stop on the rink’s concrete surface. By slightly bending the knees and keeping the arms out in front (and not flailing), skaters can also gain more control over speed and direction. According to Sarah, while the various forms of skating have some aspects in common, the balance needed for quad skating (like the 4-wheeled skates we rented from the High Line Rink) is very different than ice, roller, or in-line skating. As the morning gave way to afternoon, we began to gain a real appreciation for the sport’s physical requirements. Staying upright and changing direction were surprisingly taxing on the core and glutes, and an hour long session led to some tired, wobbly legs by the time things wrapped up for lunch. A few of us braver Greatists even tried our hands at some disco-inspired dance moves set to the rink’s hip playlist, though most ended up more robot than Saturday Night Fever. But as Coach Sarah reminded us, the most important aspect of skating is to keep a positive attitude, even if you’re getting lapped by 5 year olds. With skates off and feet back on solid ground, we vowed to return in subsequent weekends for a little more practice and a lot more fun. To keep up to date on the park’s rink and all other things High Line, follow them on Twitter and Facebook.