With New Yorkers beginning to bare their arms and show a little leg, what better time to… hit the slopes? Yup, seasons are for squares. So with nearly the entire Greatist Team in tow, we climbed aboard the 1 train (our urban ski lift) and headed uptown to Reebok Sports Club/NY’s Aspen Ascent.

But not all moves mimicked those seen on the slopes. Tuck jumps, burpees, jump squats, and many, many more of our favorite strength- and conditioning-focused bodyweight exercises made their way into the routine. The goal: Get skiers, snowboarders, skaters, and really any fitness enthusiast into tip-top shape.But as the core work began and the weights, aerobic steps, and sliders came out, it was clear we were about to leave those bunny slopes behind. Instructor Julie Bobek (no stranger to the downhill sport) turned up her mic and coached us from one ski-inspired move to the next at heart-pumping speeds. We tried ski lunges, inside edges, ski shuffles, and, everyone’s favorites, the icy abductor gliders. (Imagine two slippery discs underfoot, gliding in place like a young Apollo Ono.)

While there were few bells and whistles and not a ski pole in sight, having a good imagination went far for this studio-confined class. Dumbbells became our ski poles, sliders our skis, and the steep step in front of us: whatever obstacles lie ahead on the mountain top. Aspen, here we come!

To learn more about Aspen Ascent and Reebok Sports Club/NY and The Sports Club/LA, visit www.thesportsclubla.com.

Photo by Ben Draper