Six years ago Daniel Craig hit the big screen as the newest, toughest James Bond ever. When he sauntered out of the ocean in little blue skivvies in “Casino Royale” (fine, a very small bathing suit), his strapping shoulders and bulging biceps rivaled every Bond before him.

Now in “Skyfall,” Bond’s latest adventure, Craig is back and doing his own, dangerous stunts like the above clip where he scales and jumps off of a backhoe attached to a speeding train. (Flawlessly tailored suit sold separately.)

Stunts have always been a huge part of the James Bond legacy from the tank chase in “GoldenEye,” to a massive karate show down in “The Man with the Golden Gun.” Somehow all the previous Bonds have been both dashing and dangerous but Craig is the first to not only embrace his own stunt work but also look like he could pull it off.

To pull off some stunts without body doubles, he needed to be in stellar physical shape. (Not to mention that his physique helped draw some ladies into the theater.) For Craig’s last Bond flick (Quantum of Solace), he stuck to an intense training schedule Monday to Friday (with professional help from trainers), then swam, jogged, or stretched on the weekend, Men’s Health reported. And let’s be honest, the dude’s not 20-something years old. He’s 44.

While he did nail the stunts in this scene, he’s the first to admit he didn’t do the stunts for every single exciting, intense, sweaty in the pits moment. For much of the jumping, falling, and fighting, professional stuntmen stepped in. So how do they embody the body on the big screen? To beef up like Craig, pro stuntman Ben Cooke says a normal week consists of five super intense 60-90 minute workouts that include interval training and bodyweight circuits. Bobby Holland Hanton, another one of Craig’s body doubles, sticks to two-a-day workouts and maintains a strict diet.

With Bond still killin’ it a half a century after the series’ birth, who knows what future stunts (or Bond bods) will look like.

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