Sometimes, we all need a motivational boost. And whenever the folks at Greatist need inspiration, we look to our community. Each week, we’ll share our favorite fitness photos — tagged with @greatist — from the Instagram community, featuring amazing fitness feats and downright heartwarming moments from across the globe.

This week, we asked users to tag their favorite photos of themselves jogging, hiking, or walking “on the trail” for the chance to be featured on the site. There are our favorites.

1. It’s fun to run with the YMCA and @kohellz!
Kristin is a new wife, future ironwoman, and the director of the YMCA Racing Collaborative in Waterbury, CT. Here, she’s leading the charge during a group jog at the Westbury Green — run hard, Kristin!
2. Get back to your roots with @chestcab.
A father, nurse, and a vegetarian, Chester knows that nothing refreshes quite like a long run on a forest trail. Fresh air, sunshine, and sweat — is there any better way to unwind?
3. Row, row, row your kayak with @smwfitohio.
Rightly reminding us that “the trail doesn’t always have to be solid ground,” Samantha Weaver took her workout to the water this week with a decidedly awesome kayaking session. Paddle on, Samantha!
4. All trails lead to Rome with @gnatters!
Natalie Taylor got us super inspired us (and super jealous) with this shot of her morning run in the streets of Rome. There’s no better way to earn a post-workout bowl of pasta, eh, Natalie?

Congrats to Natalie Taylor (@gnatters on Instagram) for submitting this week’s featured image!

Want to be on Greatist? Tag your best fitness pics with @greatist for a chance to be featured! Next week’s theme is “Group Fitness,” so get snapping!