Photo: Jawbone

When it comes to fitness trackers, consumers already have a ton of options. But audio equipment and tracking company Jawbone is hoping to give them one more — or at least, an improved version of an existing option — with their new UP24. Launched November 12, the UP24 is nearly identical to the existing UP, but Jawbone’s new device offers one feature competitors like Nike Fuel and Fitbit have boasted for years: wireless syncing with a user’s smartphone.

The UP has been a popular (though not bug-free) tracker/fashion accessory since its 2011 launch, but, before this week, users were required to plug the wristband into their smartphones in order to sync data with apps on their phones. The new and improved band syncs wirelessly via Bluetooth Smart, and while early reviews have been mixed, Jawbone claims data will now sync whenever the device is close to your phone. The new wireless syncing also boosts the UP’s sleep tracking capabilities — the device can now send automatic notifications to a user’s smartphone, for example, once they’ve reached a pre-set duration of sleep.

Jawbone’s new release also includes a software update for its health and fitness tracking software. The new device still lacks a visual display, but it’s definitely a step in the right direction for a company that’s committed to creating more than another chic fitness accessory.

Jawbone’s UP24 costs $149.99 and is compatible with iOS. The older UP model is still available for $129.99 and compatible with iOS and Android.

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