Diana Nyad recently failed to fulfill her childhood dream. For the fourth time. Nyad, who just turned 63-years-old, hit the water to swim 103 miles from Cuba to Florida. The endurance swimmer put an end to her endeavor last week, just over 72 hours after setting out from Cuba. The craziest part? She says it wasn’t her body that gave out on her. It was the jellyfish. This week’s video shows Nyad before her third attempt at the swim (last summer) in shark infested waters. We get a glimpse at how she mentally grapples with hour-after-hour of propelling herself through the ocean, while her team sits dry and warm in a boat just a few feet away. What does she do with all of her time in the vast, open waters? She sings songs, counts, and ponders the meaning of life. She breaks up the massive fitness feat into 90-minute chunks (still an incredibly long time to swim with the fishes). While she didn’t make it all the way to Cuba’s shores, Nyad is an inspiration for defeating the odds of age, the elements, and maybe even some “existential angst.” What do you think of Nyad’s 103 mile dream? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! Also Check Out Greatist’s Complete Collection of Weekly Viral Videos!