I’ve been streaking for two weeks now. (No, no, not that kind of streaking!) This Holiday Running Challenge is a part of Runner’s World’s (clothes-on) Holiday Running Streak, where I’ll attempt to run at least one mile every day from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day. Here’s how my runs went this week:

Thursday: After I prepped turkey meatballs and pasta for tonight’s dinner (thank you, Giada!), I went out for a quick 3.5 miles to work up my appetite. I’ve done very little to prepare for the 15K race on my calendar this Saturday morning, considering I haven’t run anywhere close to 9 miles or so since running the New York City Marathon last month. But I’ll never miss a chance to do some pre-race carbo-loading!

Friday: Whenever it feels like there’s no time in the day for a run, there’s usually an easy solution. I just get up a teensy bit earlier than I normally would— exactly what I had to do today since I’d be spending most of the day riding a bus down to D.C. for tomorrow’s race. Because I had limited time, I used the 1.5 miles to get some fresh air, swing by Eli Manning’s Hoboken apartment building (no sign of him again!), and check off day 9 of the challenge.

Saturday: I’ve professed my love for chocolate milk many times before. Today, I was prepared to profess my love for hot chocolate. But I was sorely disappointed at the Hot Chocolate 15K D.C. race. I won’t get in to all the details of this poorly organized race (or my lukewarm cocoa at the finish line!), but waking up at 4:30 am to drive to the race in Maryland (not D.C.), standing outside in sub-40 temps while the start was delayed for an hour, and sitting in a total cluster-you-know-what of traffic when it was all over, were not exactly how I planned on getting my 15K PR. Though I guess 1:23:33 wasn’t too terrible for such a crowded and hilly course.

Sunday: After a fun night out in the nation’s capital to make up for the race, I arrived back in New York tired, but with a need to stretch my legs after the long bus ride. So I obviously took ‘em for a Sunday night stroll around town. Then, I took my stomach to my favorite Mexican restaurant for some tasty quac and a gigantic burrito. Are you starting to notice a recurring theme that my reward for running is always food?

Monday: This morning, I was really dreading my morning run. And I liked it even less once I was out there pounding the pavement. My knee started hurting at the end of 2.5 miles and I was worried I shouldn’t be doing this whole running every day thing. So I’ll try to remember that the “secret” to completing a streak like this, says Runner’s World editor Tish Hamilton, is to make every run an easy run.

Tuesday: Today, it was raining. So I had to use the treadmill. I was not happy about this. That is all.

Wednesday: Maybe it’s the rain bumming me out (the “dreadmill” and I faced off again today), but I’m ready for a change of running scenery. I love running in Hoboken, but there aren’t many ways to vary it up on this side of the Hudson. That should all change soon, though, when I get back on the training train to prepare for the Rock ‘n’ Roll USA Half Marathon in March.I can’t wait for my long runs in Central Park, on the West Side Highway, and across all of the NYC bridges!

Two weeks down! Stop back here next Wednesday to see how I run (run, Rudolph) my way through Week 3… and try to find some time to get my Christmas shopping done, too!

This week, I ran for chocolate (and pasta and guacamole). What would you run for if you knew it was waiting at the finish line?