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fitmobPhoto: fitmob

While fitness goals always hit the top of the new year’s resolutions list, over 60 percent of gym memberships typically go unused by the time mid February hits. San Francisco-based fitmob, which officially launches today, wants to fix this broken gym model. How? By taking exercisers out of the gym and into the city, via curated group workouts in local neighborhood parks and warehouse spaces.

With a “less is more” mentality, fitmob hosts strength, cardio, and yoga workouts requiring minimal equipment for people of all fitness levels. Fitmob’s goal is nothing less than to change the way we look at membership gyms and working out by promoting fun, community fitness programming without the pricey memberships or heavy equipment.

Their workout offerings are as non-traditional as their membership model, with signature classes that include “Weapons of Ass Reduction,” “Twerkout Conditioning,” and “Guru Gone Wild,” all taught by fitmob-certified trainers. Instead of offering annual memberships or bulk class purchases, fitmob incentivizes people to keep working out by rewarding users with lower class fees the more classes they join. Classes start at $15 each and the price drops with each class participants take during a given week (Two workouts per week are $10 each, three workouts per week are $5 each, and so on.). Members of the “fitterati” (as fitmob refers to its community) use the company’s mobile app to schedule and pay for workouts, and chat with trainers and other fitmobbers.

Fitmob is currently only offering workouts in San Francisco (for free throughout January), but the company plans to expand to other cities and wants its users to tell them where to go next.

To reserve a spot, visit fitmob’s website or download the iOS app.

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